Monday , May 16 2022

Especially men do not have to put their mobile phone in their pants pants


And this is a big mistake for men, and especially for men who want to experience paternity and have a child at the same time.

According to new surveys, when placing a mobile phone in a pocket, radiation emitted can adversely affect the quality of your sperm, reducing the chances of getting offspring.

This conclusion, which for several years has been the subject of concern of the scientific community, has led to an investigation by the University of Nevcala, Australia, which was essentially an analysis and reassessment of a total of 27 past different surveys. 21 of them showed the connection between radiation and the use of a smartphone with the "baking" of seeds.

In particular, after recording the number, mobility and sustainability of sperm, the percentage of living sperm capable of fertilizing eggs) revealed that men who previously put the mobile phone in their pocket in front of their torso, a higher level of harmful free radicals, 8% decreased mobility and 9% reduced sperm fertility.

Of course, because somewhere where you have to put your mobile phone, it may be desirable to put it in your pockets in your jacket or coat, that is, it's farther away from … the sensitive area of ​​your penis and of course it's perfect to keep it from you and it's best to cut it its use.

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