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Greece – Estonia 0-1: managed to lose from the Estonians! – National Greece


Let's look at the four things that we learned from the match of the 6th game …


Ethnically they collapsed nine times in comparison to Fince. Only Papastathopoulos and Zeka are only in the early days. He renewed a representative group, with his right fingers Masura debuting. Player of Panionios appeared as if playing with a blue white. He created the first chance for the fight, turned back and scored, won the duels, wrapped the corners on the right and tried to stop the defense of Estonia on his side. Ethnik, with 4-3-3, tried to score goals either with vertical passes or with a shot outside the court.

Opponents were continuously sealed in their own half and Anastasiades's players were hard to finish. Therefore, when they were given the opportunity, they fired from that area. We've seen this happen several times in the first 45 minutes. Greek footballers exchanged many passes in an attempt to capture Estonia, whose defenders were faced with a problem in removing the ball. In addition, the goal has almost come to 10 'from Cams.


Anastasiadis decided to start with Basil Barkas, who, as he passed with one of his most wanted 45 minutes of his career, saw unexpectedly that his clothes had broken the flow of the fight. Papastathopoulos, who did not miss his personal duel and scored in the 22nd, once did not win the opponent, Nacional was the goal. Zenjov escaped from the Arsenal who shot at the right, made a shot and prevented Sapinena from trying in Lampropoulos, sent the ball to his other AEK. Greece made 12 finals in the first half (five in a goal), one in Estonia, a goal …


Anastasiades's first corrective move was to transfer Torosidis to Bakakis. Historical participation for "Toros", in its 100th participation with the National. While Greek footballers owed, they entered dynamically to match. Wanting to change the team in the middle of the team, he fired a match and Fortune instead of Masoura at 57 '. The 26-year-old midfielder who was willing to get the ball to create and perform.

At 62 ', he made a mistake, but the ball stopped on the right leg of the defeated Lepcet. Blue and White sought the goal, and time and opportunity were not able to produce, but did not receive help from Karelia, which did not have a pace (six participation in all PAOK events). All the money, of course, was his upright scissors at 84, which forced Esther Kimper into a tough operation. That was the best stage of Greece in the match.

4. Lack of ideas and rhythms

Excluding the fantastic phase of Kareli, Greece did not forget the ball. The tour was constantly out of the Estonian region, which did not make any finals in the second part, played defensively, not showing the least mood for climbing. Let's say he did not have the quality to make a chance. Ethniki had a picture of the group that she wanted, but she could not. Lack of ideas, lack of freshness and rhythm. Even the entrance to Mandalos did not make it possible to distinguish the image of a representative band for the better. Estonia experienced a score of 94 and won its first win in the group.


A course: ОАКА

Judge: Ievhen Aranovskii (UKR)

Assistants: Oleg Pluzhnik (UKR), Semen Shlonchak (UKR)

GREECE (Angelos Anastasiadis):
Barkas, Bakakis (46 'Torosidis'), Papastathopoulos, Lambropoulos, Giannoulis, Samaris, Zeka, Bakasetas, Buchalakis (71 'Mandalos), Masoura (57' Fortunis)

ESTONIA (Martin Reim): Lepmetz, Baranov, Viman, Tam, Kams, Calis, Dimitriff, Lepistu (68 'Antonov), Zeniev (81' Pic), Lutz, Sapinen (86 'Umaiama).

Goals: 44 'This Lampropulos

Cards: 76 & # 39; Bakassetas, 80 & # 39; Papastathopoulos – 89 'Lepmetch

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