Wednesday , March 3 2021

Hitting the stationmaster on the subway: phone conversations with the special guard covering the perpetrators

New facts in your case savage attack accepted by Head of metro station in Omonia by two brothers, 17 and 15 years old, it comes to light as the days go by.

While the two minors prepare their apologies, in the case in addition to the special guard, another person is said to be involved. He two young men they were arrested Friday night, while one was arrested along with them special guard, he knew what had happened, but instead of informing his service, he helped the two young men avoid arrest, informing them of the police investigations.

However, it looks like the special guard he wasn’t the only one who knew what had happened. This is because, according to Open another person he appears to have been involved in covering up the matter, even giving instructions on how to hide his act.

According to the information, in the file the mother is said to talk to a friend or family member several times during the day and to describe her situation and fears.

In fact, this person allegedly knew who the perpetrators were in no case does he advise the mother to surrender and apologize. “I told you you’ll hear a lot, they’ll say a lot to be afraid. Because they haven’t arrived, they may not have been identified yet. Let them say so,” he says, according to the Open report.

Dialogues with the special guard

As seen in the telephone contacts with the mother, It looks like the special guard has been giving advice on how to move after the attack, says SKAI, which posts conversations.

Special guard: Well, listen, everyone is looking for it because it’s a barbaric conception. First, don’t leave home. Don’t joke to shake it from home if you don’t talk to the lawyer. Nothing to tell you, to throw away the trash

Great: Yes

Special guard: Not to fall into any m … insurance and how they behave, you see why they hear about the fans. You just saw what they were saying on TV

Sea: No

At another time, the children’s mother reportedly informed the special guard about a car coming out of the house in order to find out. if it belongs to EL.AS.

Great: ΥΝΧ …

Special guard: NX what do we call Nicholas?

Sea: Nikolas Ch

Special guard: First name;

Sea: No M Manolis, N Nikolas. Why will you see it now?

Special guard: Now my change works. I have a break. I will call to ask.

Sea: But I don’t think it was relevant to driving. By force backwards and the fool turned upside down.

With information from SKAI and OPEN

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