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How did … "burn" an empire?


O Jaymi Oliver it will hardly be forgotten yesterday. When you are forced to do it put a padlock In 25 of your own restaurants and leave a thousand of three hundred people on the road, it can not be supposed that it is not a disaster.

Certainly, it is not something that the famous television chef did not expect to happen, since the accumulated debts exceeded 70,000,000 pounds. The apologies of the tweet, which hundreds of workers lamented on the road, could have been delicate, but did not weaken the critique of the British media, such as Independent.

The latter writes that Oliver is criticized because he was more concerned about the television personality he had built and his personal projection than with the dozens of stores he had opened. Although I knew that the focusing empire had been in trouble for a few years, he could not get the messages.

Where did Jamie Oliver's recipe for the disaster?

On the contrary, he tried with some movements that were out of place to avoid everything he could bankruptcy, as the closing of the magazine published in 2017.
When he was one of the richest British in the Forbes list, he had left behind him for years, the boy from the village of Clarering in the county of Essex.

He who began to learn the secrets of the pub's cuisine was that his parents were still trying his powers. They did not even imagine that their son would arrive when at eighteen he began to work as a baker at the renowned Antonio Carluscio restaurant in London.

From candy to the BBC

There he would develop very friendly relations with the chef Gennaro Cobaltdo, who presented him to the secrets of Italian cuisine, which is the most loved of Jamey.
His transcription of sous chef at River Cafe turned out to be a catalyst, as television producer Patricia Liuelin discovered her, who saw the top of what the others did not see. A new chef who had no problem getting out and talking on TV, like a normal man, cooking for his friends or his boss!

"The Naked Chef", released in 1999, immediately left the reputation of Oliver, his first cookbook became the first sales editor and was prepared the same year for then-Prime Minister Tony Blair Downing Street.

The Five Best Healthy Tips by Jamie | Fast and easy | Jamie Oliver

In the following years, a television show happens to the other. He leaves the BBC for Channel 4 and creates several consoles, such as healthy eating in schools and beyond, who give him very good reviews, while traveling to America, in addition to England.

In 2004, the Sunday Times included him in the list of the wealthiest Britons who have not finished thirty and his future is brilliant. Four years later, the opening of Jamie's Italian, his first Italian restaurant in Oxford, and his success is immediate, as the phone is constantly ringing.

The top part is already close.

Brakes and destruction

For all those who have lived, Jamie Oliver is an excellent cook, passionate when he enters the kitchen, but he has never been a good businessman.
The padlock of its Italian chain restaurants In Britain, forty-two years ago, he showed that frantic expansion and frantic franchise were bad.

Oliver – not the only one, could not see the next crisis in focusing on renting and increasing delivery in the country. And if the bankruptcy of the company with the kitchen utensils it stored was something that could stand up, the failure on Tuesday hurt the gifted chef.

Who traveled to Ikaria to find out why the inhabitants of the island live mainly on Europeans and what is the secret of their diet.

Your image of food you bring in a small house together with an elderly couple is one of the hundreds who built their legend and, probably, their empire, which "burned" because it could not "erase" the Fire that had been lit and about three years ago.

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