Saturday , August 13 2022

How many foreign investors are participating in the Athens Stock Exchange – News Dikaiologitika


Greek investors, at the end of the month, held 36.2% of the total capitalization of stocks on the Athens Stock Exchange.

In October 2018 foreign investors totaled 37.28 million euros. Greek investors are emerging buyers, with capital inflows of 37.23 million euros.

In October 2018, foreign investors accounted for 59.9% of transactions (compared to 55.6% in the previous month), while in October 2017 they accounted for 55.0% of transactions. The value of transactions in October 2018 reached 1,089.11 million, which is 7.0% more than last year's trading activity, which is 1.018.05 million. In October 2017, the value of transactions amounted to 912.51 million, an increase of 19.4%.

Accordingly, the average daily value of transactions in October 2018 amounted to 47.35 million, which is less compared to the previous month (50.90 million) and increased compared to the same month of the previous year (41.48 million)).

The number of active stocks for October 2018 was 16,525 compared to 15,473 in the previous month (in October 2017 the number of active stocks was 14,351).

In October 2018, 621 new investors were opened against 599 new shares created last month. The Athens Stock Exchange's capitalization at the end of the month was estimated at 36.83 billion euros. Compared to capitalization of the previous month of 39.25 billion, there was a decrease of 6.2%, while compared to the previous month, the capitalization of 40.80 billion registered a decline of 9.7%.

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