Sunday , October 2 2022

"In the air the Church – a political agreement after the publication of the Holy Synod"



"Today's unanimous decision of the Holy Synod of the Church Church means that the alleged historic agreement is in the air. But it leaves behind a deep crisis in state and clerical relations and internal church problems," KINAL F. Gennimatas, President of the Holy Synod of Ecclesiastical Greece, on the intention of an agreement between Archbishop Jeronimus and Prime Minister Al. Tsipra.

Ms. Gennimata criticized the government for deciding to invest in institutional crises by undertaking unilateral actions.

Also, the president of KINAL points out that the seriousness of the issue and the unanimous decision of the hierarchy impose a sober state-church dialogue on all issues.

He urges the government to stop authoritarian and undemocratic practices on this issue, as it emphasizes, but at the outset, KINAL, without new thoughts or patrons such as ND, stressed the serious weaknesses of the Tsipra Archbishop's agreement.

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