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Lampropoulos: "I loved AEK: I only keep the great moments we have lived" – Football – Super League – A.E.K.


Vassilis Lambropoulos rewarded the club for the great moments that they lived with the AEK shirt.

After formalizing his retirement team, the Greek defender wanted to say his own goodbye to his executives and to the world.

With a warm message to instagram, he emphasized that he loved the "Union", which only remained pleasantly in his mandate and thanked all those who worked together during his term.

Analytically, the message from Lambropoulos

"A very beautiful 5 year cycle is over! From this circle I will only keep the pleasant moments that make me happy and proud of what I have achieved both at staff and team level!

The negatives will take them to one side because they do not deserve to bite those beautiful moments! I'm glad that I loved a team that generously gave me the opportunity to live huge moments and I hope to reward you with the previous one.

I would like to thank the administration of the group that trusted me in the tough times of the second national. The coaches I've worked for because I've won many. All the teammates and the staff that worked every day along my side over the years because without them by my side I would not have achieved anything and, of course, the team of the world that despite the challenge of the first years I was given I support and loved me like me. !!

I would like to thank the group's president for the 5 years we spent together, and we would have had a strange end, Mr. Aslanidis, Minas, Mr. Jiménez and his staff, who had my training as usual we would have had an account of Mr. Panagiotar without him in the last six months would be even more difficult: Bourou, Statha, Dionysis, Mitsy, Giorgos, Spiros, Manolis, Nikos, Karvos, Chrysostomos, George, Alexis, Andreas, Nicolás, Panayiot that their behavior From the first day to the last tea for me (even when it was out) it was impeccable and without them we would not have achieved anything during the years …

Thanks again to my colleagues (all ages) during all these years, because all of them have had very good experiences and I enjoyed very beautiful moments, which culminated with the Cup and Championship conquests and our participation in the Champions League that was a dream of life! !

Finally, I would like to thank my family and my friends, who were by my side in the good, but above all by helping me to get up, to suffer and to achieve my goals! Life goes on and it's a different circle to bring new experiences. Thanks to all again! "

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