Wednesday , March 3 2021

Laura Narges: “They threw a loaf of bread in the mud and it was the most delicious I’ve ever eaten”

In the DOT program. found the Laura Narges i Elias Gotsis. On the occasion of its fourth cycle They survive , the well-known presenter and personal trainer spoke about his own experience in the reality of survival. Laura Narges, who participated in the first round of SKAI in 2017, revealed, among other things, in her interview:

«I wasn’t the slow one, the others were faster. Races are very difficult, there are many factors: heat, hunger, sand. Run a little through the sand to see the sweetness. You also have the presenter’s comment, try to focus on your teammates calling your name. My colleagues did a great job, they believed in me a lot and encouraged me. I had a terrible defeat.

A la They survive you find yourself face to face with yourself. If you have a lot of demand, you will have a good time. If you can’t stand another minute, you won’t have a good time. You manage hunger … Then you can cope. We fought to find out who has the biggest piece of coconut. He always took the little one, on purpose, so that the others would eat more. The cockroaches have walked me … You have only seen 20% of the situation we have experienced.

I think the most extreme thing I have ever experienced is that we came back from the beach and the people who lived there saw us hungry and came one by one on a motorbike. he threw us a loaf of bread. It was the most delicious I have ever eaten. They threw him to the ground with mud and we picked him up and ate him. The most delicious bread we have ever eaten.

Watch the video:

Laura Narges and Elias Gotsis "Cockroaches and scorpions walked on us like flies" |  Point.

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