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Panathinaikos: They count the countdown for Odette Katas to come to Greece and take the reins. Of course, on Thursday, the Israeli coach will come to our country to return to work in the “clover”, this time as a coach.

Katas knows what Panathinaikos means in general and has a very good picture of the team’s presence this year. Everything seems to indicate that action will be taken to acquire a game creator, who along with Selvin Mack will be called upon to lift weights, mainly to win the championship and the Cup.

Marcus Foster did not play with AEK, he is in a difficult position, although Katas has a very good opinion of him, as last year in Israel the American guard was great.

He’s leaving, Foster isn’t leaving, the idea of ​​getting a player is very strong and, if he goes ahead, we’ll talk about a player with European experience. Like Cody Miller-McIntyre, who plays the Partizan and whose name was heard a few days ago about the six stars.

It is not ruled out, however, that Katas will look at the market, which he knows best, that of Israel. A market that always has opportunities and that, of course, the new coach of Panathinaikos knows them better than anyone.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The expat center turned against AEK, after a long absence, but was out of place and out of time. It remains to be seen whether he will be granted a new credit or the case of his transfer to a team abroad. Also, as the situation goes on, no one benefits, as Panathinaikos doesn’t take anything away from the player and August, who doesn’t match the game team, loses a year of racing.

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