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We take things in order. In early summer and after a year that went through … forty waves, but which was successfully completed (double that, let’s not forget), Panathinaikos decided to divorce Odette Katas and trust your bank with a man who knows the swallows very well.

After a great season and four full years with Unix Kazan, Dimitris Priftis deserved – and with the previous one – an opportunity in a Euroleague team, specifically in the “clover”. The Greek coach has a big challenge ahead, the biggest of his career. And we are confident that at this stage I was fully prepared for the next step. For the increase that Americans also say.

What the 52-year-old coach wanted was to build the team according to his own “desire” and based on his own philosophy. And that to an absolute point. Initially, he had to manage – always in consultation with the administration – four “hot” fronts. Of course, we mean their renovations Papapetrou, Nedovic, Hezonia and Mitoglou.

For the latter, of course, he had no reason, ever since his case was effectively completed before taking over and even though all the efforts were made by the people on the team. Only the 25-year-old striker preferred the calm (at the pressure level) of Armani Milano, with the ultimate goal of making the leap to the NBA.

It was automatically the first the subject of the renewal of the captain of Panathinaikos, who finished the season with impressive performances. The managers of the “clover” decided that there was no room for his loss and the 27-year-old striker was convinced to remain a resident of OAKA, accepting the very good proposal he had in his hands.

Panathinaikos: the Hezonia case and the next step

Think the “greens” lost both Mitoglou and Papapetrou in a few weeks. We would talk about a nightmare scenario, but also the most important blow in recent years. Both for the prestige of the club, and for the part of the next day (Greek internationals leaving, etc.). It should be noted that in the “Pap” contract there is a transfer option to an NBA team worth one million euros, which is a win-win situation for the “organization.” We clarify here that he would go to the other side of the Atlantic only if he found a team where he would play an active role and not … he would sweep the bench.

Of course, the stay of Nedovic παρα is a success for the “clover”, as it is not easy to find a player with the executive ability of a Serb. The important thing here is that he has left behind the serious health adventure this happened and this did not allow him to offer as he would like during the 2020-21 season.

Let’s get to the hot topic of Ezonia. It is assumed that the leaders of the “clover” did everything possible to keep the Croatian in OAKA. They presented a pretty good proposal for the team’s current financial data and waited. They just didn’t get the treatment they expected from the man representing the 26-year-old striker (ss isn’t exactly his agent). Initially, he requested an extension to the extension of …, regarding the term he had to answer for his “client”.

He then claimed that he had much better suggestions in his hands. And the last time came when he pointed out to the right and left that his move to Unix was still open, even though the specific issue was essentially “closed.” Even if it was announced today (7/31).
Here we must keep in mind that the people of Panathinaikos made their effort until the last moment, to convince the favorite kid on the podium to stay. We add that Coach Priftis spoke to him and discussed his plan. He firmly believed – and still believes – that he could make the most of the “4” position, especially all the quality traits of the 26-year-old striker.

Panathinaikos: the Hezonia case and the next step

After the “no” of Super Mario, the reactions of teammates arose who even accused him of πα papatziliki. These attitudes can be justified in part, as this is always the case when great loves separate. But obviously, this also blatantly misplaces a player who struggled with the “clover” in his chest at a difficult time for the club (without having terrible financial gains) and who at the same time loves (and announces) so much a “foreigner” – for himself- group.

Of course, this summer proved to be a great professional, thought about his future (albeit in the short term) and decided not to work again with emotion. The signatory, however, believes that sooner or later the paths of the two sides will merge again. This “bonding” is unprecedented. So here are the “no goodbyes on our way” adjustments. Good bye…

For the rest, players like Aaron White and Bentil are a thing of the past, for they did not seem able to offer what the priest wanted. After all, the season that ended only had flashes in his performance and never stabilized satisfactorily.

Panathinaikos: the Hezonia case and the next step

At the same time Perry and Macon, forward Ocaro White, and Floyd, Kavvadas were acquired for the guards which will mark Papagiannis in the “5” position. For the first two and the Central American, … half of the work had been done by the team’s research department, which he suggested to the coach, who went through … sifting the three players. He watched them for tens of hours on video (for the former he had his own opinion of the VTB League), asked everywhere about them, and realized they served his plans.

The thing is, these are just some of the goal setting shareware programs you can use, as they have not fought at the highest level and may need time and patience to show that they can stay at that level. A first conclusion is that the additions so far cover some of the gaps that existed last year or that arose during the summer. Let’s not forget that in the 2020-21 season there were no purebred “aces” (really, how much did the team suffer in that part?), But there was also no reliable solution behind Papagianni and Nedovic. We should not overlook these …

And we must always keep in mind the economic environment in which Panathinaikos now lives, with the logical “income-expenditure”. The stay of Bohoridis and Kaselaki was considered essential, as they both offer what they can, although there are not many good Greeks available and Panathinaikos has no room for losses in this matter, at a time when the issue of the issuance of the Greek passport of Saint-Ross is delayed. We must not forget the transfers of Hugaz and Diallo, which are good investments for the future.

Panathinaikos: the Hezonia case and the next step

What’s left to close the list? A move to position “4”, with Nigel Hayes always in the foreground. No doubt he will make a high-quality addition, as Priftis has a lot of confidence in the strikers he has on his team and believes these players can “open up” the game on the offensive side. Thus, the plan says that the player to be acquired will have a reliable shot from the perimeter and will be able to help “3”. If that becomes impossible (or if you find something impressively remarkable), they will look for a different type of “four” (heavier).

Regarding the possible movement for the guard, First the issue of TJ Bray needs to be clarified, which is usually being raised for now. If you find a team that will be interested in the American, it will be fine. All necessary actions will be granted and taken automatically to acquire a player for “1”. Many will say that the money the Bucks will give for Kalaitzakis ($ 300,000) should be allocated for the U.S. Guard to leave and get someone else.

Things are not so simple and we are not talking about … 3 million euros, but about 300 thousand. Viouslybviament, the club leaders know – better than us – that it makes no sense to add a player who has the same characteristics as the existing ones and who is not shown to be superior in quality to Bray …

PS We support the team that has offered so much joy and leave our misery out of here, as Frangiskos Albertis said …

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