Monday , September 26 2022

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Harry fought for "tough" Megan Marcall before marriage


Their marriage seemed ideal. When it is Prince Harry she decided to marry the common but well-known, because of her profession as an actor Megan Marc, they all showed more than a harmonious, happy and romantic.

However, the background was discovered a few months after the marriage, and while the couple had already announced that they were expecting a baby, this shows that the couple faced the "happiest day of life" about the same problems and difficulties that every normal couple faces. Indeed, when Queen Elizabeth assumes the role of "evil mother-in-law", the situation becomes a bit more difficult.

According to the Sun report, the queen had a verbal confrontation with Prince Harry on the theme of "heavy" innocent Megan Markl.

Megan Marc chose to wear a tie that brought the emerald over her. But the queen did not agree, because precious stones probably came from Russia, which is unacceptable for the royal family.

"She will get everything I give her," said the queen in Harry, who took over the role of messenger between the two ladies.

"Why does she want a veil? That's her second marriage"

Indeed, the queen left her against Mark, who wanted to wear a veil during her marriage. "What does he want? After her second marriage," she said, adding that "Megan can become a very difficult person."

Megan hid the incident

However, Megan never acknowledged that Tijara was wearing her is not her choice. Instead, she said she felt wonderful she could choose diamonds and ties from her personal collection Elizabeth.

These unpublished incidents are contained in the new book by Robert Johnson about the life of Prince Charles, who turns 70 years old.

"Whatever Megan wants"

According to the book, during preparation for his marriage Harry was irritable and did not care about it, but wanted to satisfy Megan's tastes.

"Whatever Megan wants, this will get a megan," it is said that he raised a tone of voice to the staff. When the queen found out, she called him … listening and "put it in his place", writes the author of the book.

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