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Reflection that, disappointment n News

The Euroleague is incredible because in the team when it starts winning in Moscow and Vitoria, it will lose 4 games in the next five.

But you know how this team can do 4-0 or 5-1 then.

The repetitive mother taught …. The season will have several climbs and downs for all teams.

We go to our … Before I entered Moscow, I wrote in the postulate about the Olympics record in the next "three" races (CSKA, Panathinaikos, Fenerbahce) that 0-3 will be in a difficult position. And I found …

It is still in November and, as is well known, nothing was evaluated in the month in question. But surely in November you have to "build" for the months when the season will be judged. Piraeus started unexpectedly with two "doubles", but since then they have had one victory in five games.

Their image is a matter of concern and I believe that I would write if Villiams Gos served or if the judges did not give three shots at the key point in the race.

Olympiakos does not play well, there is no consistency on the floor, and its players have ups and downs in their performance.

One good game, two do not play.

Two good play, three do not play.

After two defeats and an opponent who fought without one of the highest centers in the game (Veselie), I expected a very different start. I expected it differently for Olympiacos.

Obviously, the game lost the attack mainly in the third quarter. Fenerbahce found the wall in 6:30 minutes thanks to the "red and white" defense, but on the other hand … bam and mommy buttons. Poor attacks, holding the ball by 15 ?, just select n roll and they are all waiting for them from Papanicolaou.

After I told him to open the brackets for the Greek forward. What Papanikolaou did in the second half I've seen since he came back to the team.

Everywhere in the defense, everywhere in the attack. He played with his knee and knees (if you do not get used to playing with the extra, it always bother you in every move you made).

A ball board, except for a threefold drive to 35-27, the aggressive operation of the team occurred only in the last five minutes. If we were supposed to be under pressure, we should not do well, we saw two halves, immediately after the schedule we saw two excellent baskets from Papanikolaou (one after the return that was attached).


Blat had a good time in Princeton (36:35), while the rest of the time belonged to Jackues Leonte in the "4" position. Milutinov (28:34) and Bogris shared the central position.

Vesenkov did not play, but always in such cases for fans, a player who does not play is the best player in the game.

Leonte did not coincide with the match to play as a center due to the presence of high bodies (Duverioglu, Lover), but that's why I shouted for a month and a half that the team should be added.

In this sense, the American will not play against Zalgiris (Davis, Gianconas), Barcelona (Tomic, Seraphen), Real (Tavares, Aiion).

So what are we then …


I have often stated that the guards will judge 99/100 games. They have the ball in their hands and in the end decide.

The most important difference in parquet in the last few seconds was that one team had Guard (Sloukas) who had the ability and psychology to put the ball in the hive. The other one had him on the bench.

Not to be misunderstood. Spanulis was not good. Blat changed it correctly in 35 ', but in the last 7' He had to be on the floor. He has a personality, he has the ability to achieve or create for his own acquaintance.

Villiams Gos slipped and slithered in the wet grass. Maggas who put forth effort and his bravery, but I personally prefer to "die" with Spanoulis. Maybe I'm wrong. This is my point of view, that does not mean that it is true.

Of course, I do not know if Spanoulis's attempt would change the result. I just think Olympiacos would have a greater chance.


After a match with Panathinaikos, he followed another team guards can not offer expected. Villiams Gos was good, Spanoulis did not help in the attack, Mantzaris showed nothing in 10, while on the Strelnik was obviously under the influence of his sustenance and injury.

This is a problem that needs a solution. Some of you are looking for a supplement to the guards, but this does not come from anywhere.

ABOUT Toupan while playing in the first half he was very good and he was the one who preferred the Frenchman to replace Papanikolaou in the third quarter.

Blatt's Rush Hour's 49th Rush Hour after the beginning of the last period. Fener turned 55-50 at 55-55 with Dakom's three, but I do not think there was any reason for such a quick time.

In the end, at 7 am, he was eliminated by Blato, who has an incredible speed in the games he chose after a while.


I started on the basics … Slouk was confirmed for his decision to move to Fenerbahce 1000%. Titles got, the team leader, incredible improvements physically and racing.

Each player facing the previous team has an additional incentive because he wants to prove that the team that did not offer him what he was looking for was wrong. Slubas has "cleared" himself at the end of Olympiacos and has the right to celebrate as he wants.

The same goes for the world. And he has the right to face him as he thinks.

In his statements after the match, Sloukas admitted … he was a little distant.

I believe that the world reaction to Fener's presentation is closer to reality than to the end of the game.

IG: The road is long and the team is valid for the world. No disappointment. Only faith.

SUR 2: Sundai's Derby is a completely different game.

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