Saturday , May 8 2021

Reinforcements in police departments Greece

In the evening of October 15, a team of about 50 people launched an attack on AT. Homony.

A special business plan to deal with any brutal attacks in police departments in the basin, in view of the Polytechnic anniversary, was implemented by EL.AS in the past twenty-four hours. It envisions a series of measures aimed at "strengthening" police facilities for the possibility of a re-attack of the hood, similar to that launched by a group of about 50 people in the AT. Omonoia on the evening of October 15, an incident that at least exposed the House and its willingness to face such cruel attacks. According to senior police officials, the plan ordered all departments and police departments in Attica to remove why seized cars parked in their perimeter (some of them shot at Omonia) and could function as "fuel" in the event of a molesting attack .

The procedure began on Tuesday morning and, in accordance with the relevant directive, vehicles are transported to ELIAS, Amigdaleza. For the same reason, all police stations are equipped with additional fire extinguishers to attend fire after a cruise, as happened in the AT case. Omonia, was extinguished immediately before it caused much damage and jeopardized the life of the police. The same plan foresees the supply of police with night shifts with flash grenades, helmets and shields to react immediately in the event of an attack.

On the outside of the department, the policeman is stationed with a political process for some 24 hours. The directive must be in a position when it is not easily visible and immediately warned if it detects mobility around the department. Finally, in order to keep the staff a warning, the commanders or deputy department commanders are instructed to serve late at night so that they, rather than officers, monitor the measures. In order to avoid self-confidence, senior officers have intensified their visits to the police and Attica services over the past 24 hours.

In the meantime, meetings are held at headquarters and GADA in order to plan measures before the anniversary of the Polytechnic, which will culminate on Saturday with the US Embassy. More than 5,000 police officers will be involved in measures to be taken. In the center of Athens, there are large police forces, especially outside the police stations and generally in public buildings, while in the Ekarchia area police will be politically stationed. Above the center of Athens will fly except for a helicopter helicopter. and unmanned aircraft (unmanned aircraft) EL.AS., which will bring complete picture to the GDA Business Center.

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