Tuesday , January 25 2022

Restore the helicopter thief in Attica


Seven of the eight coil members who stole houses throughout Attica arrested the police that posted their information and photos to gather more information about its action.

The valve usually acted in the morning and at noon in groups of three or four people who often rejected their goals. In fact, they did not hesitate to make violence while sexually abusing one of their victims. The spiral was based in the camps of Acharnes and Ano Liossia, while mostly used by Attiki Odos.

A member of the spiral also belongs to a woman who has not yet been arrested.

According to EL.AS. These are:
Sabani or Parian Constantinos, an unknown father or Athanasios and Margarita, born in 1994 in Athens.
Saban or Parian Valanti or Chrisovalanti of an unknown father or Athanasios and Margarita, born 1995 or 1996 in Athens or in Nice or Coridalos.
Kalamiotis Dimitrios from Eleftheria and Friday, born in 1994 in Nice.
Kalamiotis Anastasios, an unknown father and Irina, born in 1997 in Athens.
Mitros Ioannis or Valanti by George and Hope, born 1984, 1985 or 1988 in Nice, Kalamata or Athens.
Mitros Chrisovalantis from George and Nade, born 1989 or 1996 in Nice or Athens.
Nikolaos Evangelos, an unknown father or Nicolas and Freedom, born in 2000 or 2001 in Piraeus.
And unprivileged Lenteropoulou or Lente or Leonontopoulou Friday or Dimitri from Panagiotis and Georgia, born in 1972 in Ajax or Corinth.

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