Monday , May 10 2021

Revi-Menegaki: What a teacher asks in his photos

With her lens she photographed the most famous Greeks … Very successful photographer Roula Revan spoke about everything in the magazine Gala.

Of course, this can not be mentioned in Photoshop. The famous photographer also worked with Elena Menegaki many times.

"I do not like to get a branded woman at the height of 1.60 and make 1.80, as I see in the magazines I consider it invalid and they do not go out of the country and where they did, they sued. I can not take a girl who is 70 pounds, and I have 50. That's not possible. I'll do it where you will not feel I'm mocking you, you will not meet her somewhere and think "how is she? Do they work for me? "

This is a big foul for photographers. How can I tell you this? It's like taking Menegaki and creating 1.80 m. She will not even want and never asks. Instead, I asked the magazine to reduce the lips of Menegaki, which I naturally refused. But the younger photographer can do it.

Eleni was in her stomach and fired him right. They become so surrealistic. See normal body and legs by three feet. Cartoon. I can not accept that. "

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