Thursday , October 6 2022

Rubikon members have "checked" the police officers of Greece


"Control" of the two policemen who were close to the house of the Rubikon member in Zografo area were made by colleagues this morning.

They even recorded an incident in videos that they published a few hours later on the Internet, along with the text.

"Our companion in the Zografou area told us about the persistent and suspicious presence of two people on a parade under his house. Our members quickly hit the universe and after a while these two faces were identified and surrounded," the anarchist group says. It appears that two police officers have gone through an informal investigation until they confirm that police officers are from the security police. "After an obvious quotation of justification, and when it became apparent to their efforts, one of them showed his ID," refers to the text of collegiality published in Athens Indimedia.

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