For Samsung this year is a very good year, a year that is not like anything from two to three years. The intrusion of Huawei has shaken the two great ones that seem to have been awakened by the stunning of their monopolistic security. At the same time, small Chinese companies, mainly the two Xiaomi and BBK groups, swept the middle and small classes, earning huge profits and a shopping base. Samsung has brought to market 15 models with many data in the next bigger category. It is a difference that last year's models have completely lost their value due to the indifference of the world. The best mobile phone in the world is for many Galaxy S10 5G.

But Samsung made a big mistake. You have lost the race for the full screen. The Full-Display 2.0 design is an irreversible trend in mobile design. Samsung canceled this project by running screens with holes. A unique model was left out of the Galaxy A80, which due to the investment mechanism and the high cost did not impress the market.

The Chinese did not leave the opportunity. After seeing Vivo NEX and Oppo Find X as models, BBK presented several models with a emerging camera the most important of all the OnePlus 7 Pro. The group prepares the replacement of revolutionary mobiles while Xiaomi continues to silence for Mi MIX 4. South Korea is preparing the Galaxy Note10 with a single hole in the center of the top and the Galaxy A90 for which rumors have circulated since Christmas. Samsung will be able to deal with design?

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