Saturday , August 13 2022

Shooting near the Ukrainian embassy in London


The car of the official ambassador He was wrapped while parked in front of the embassy.

"The police were summoned immediately, while the suspect's car was blocked. Despite the efforts of the police, the suspect embraced the car of the ambassador again. In response, the authorities opened fire on the suspect's vehicle, "the announcement of the embassy said.

The incident It is not treated as a terrorist attack, according to the British police.

TV programs a car with a broken window, while the crowns are at this point.

According to Sky News a 40-year-old has been arrested and transferred to the hospital for legal reasons.

skynews holland park london 4638264

Source: Sky News

The area was blocked while before closed both the Ukrainian embassy and Cameroon, which is also nearby.

According to reports from the British media cited by witnesses, At least 10 shots were heard in your area Holland Park.

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