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Social Dividend 2019: crazy money in view of national elections! More than 1,000 euros until Friday – Economy


May social dividend 2019: Tsipras gives everything to the election! It is unlikely that by the end of the summer, according to the information, the government announced a new social dividend ( with the objective of achieving a dynamic, SYRIZA in the final line of the national elections.

In addition, the Alexis Tsipras On his tour in Epirus he talked about new positive measures at the end of the year.

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Euclid Tsakalotos did not even want … to hear about the famous and versatile advantage of Easter a few months ago.

That was before Easter. He said it with the utmost clarity talking to the Kokkino radio station, Patras, stating that there was a risk of fiscal derailment. Although it frozen the allocation of Easter, it left open the possibility of delivering the social dividend this year, as in the three previous years. But he also left an asterisk. If budgets allow … If this year there is a primary surplus.

Social Dividend 2019: crazy money in view of national elections! More than 1,000 euros

These were the Easter dividend scenarios

According to Realnews, the allocation of Easter gift cuts or holiday accommodation can be paid and amounts to 250 euros for civil servants and 200 euros for public and private retirees.

The staff of the two ministries has taken paper and pencils and has the cost of this decision, which is a movement of high political importance in the face of the electoral clashes. One of the main government officials says Realnews that the subsidy depends on the country's capabilities, and that even the retrospective amounts have not yet been irrevocably judged.

"We are not planning our policy because it obliges our courts," he says. Government officials say that the total allocation of 658 million euros, recently certified by the Commission, could be used in this direction. Ministry of Finance, with the data for the execution of the budget.

It is still unclear how these expenses will be shared with the Commission, which has raised in its latest report suspicions of its possible use during the pre-election period, not counting the estimates of Europeans of the estimated amount of the primary surplus of this year . However, the topic concerns the members and, for that reason, will be discussed both in the Eurogroup on Monday and Eurogroup, on April 5, where the minister of Finances Euclid Tsakaloto More information on how to use the line and any advantage.

A final decision has not yet been taken, since, in addition to a political will, the budget space necessary to allow the payment of the amount is also being sought, without causing any shocks in the State budget and without any turbulence in the relations with the partners.

Social Dividend 2019: crazy money in view of national elections! More than 1,000 euros

Social dividend 2019: the week of May

According to the Government's announcement Social dividend 2019, the payment of the beneficiaries of the Pan-Hellenic program KEA (Social revenues of solidarity) will be given on Friday, May 24, 2019.

The Deputy Minister of Social Security and Social Solidarity, Theano Fotiou, reported that 52,281,443.84 euros will be paid to 255,603 beneficiaries, affecting more than 475,000 people. In fact, the sources of the Ministry indicated that it would be given this specific week in May.

It is recalled that the JPA electronic platform is open so that interested parties can visit and send their requests at any time.

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