Tuesday , July 5 2022

Steve Havking's trolleys were auctioned instead of 297,000 pounds


One signed with the same copy of a doctor in 1965 (one in five existing) "caught" 584,750 pounds

The trolley used by British physicist Steven Havking while living was sold on Christie's online auction instead of £ 296,750 while one signed by the same 1965 Doctor's copy (one in five) was "caught" by 584,750 pounds.


In total, 52 personal items of Hawking were sold at auction, which died in March at age 76 and charged 1.82 million pounds mainly for welfare, according to BBC and GARDAN.

Prices were much higher than expected. For example, his doctorate on the "expansion of space properties" expects to "catch" 150,000 pounds, but the final price is almost four times.

A series of Hawking medals, awards and scientific papers, books and letters from other scientists (Nevton, Darwin, Einstein, etc.), as well as a copy of his book "One Short Chronicle of Time", which has caught 68,750 pounds, much more than a 3,000-pct auction .

The gain from the auction will be provided by the newly founded Steven Havking Foundation and the Association of Patients of Neonatal Neuroscience, a disease that has been suffering and imprisoned in wheelchairs.

Source: RES-EAP

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