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“Strong test” that found the 5th fundamental force of nature

Very close to the results that can knock them down laws of physics it seems that it is the scientists who do not rule out that they have identified any fifth force of nature. This is because during a new experiment, they appear to have observed small subatomic particles behaving in unusual ways.

Through the experiment, they were sent muons, which are elementary particles similar to electrons, using a 15-ton electromagnet. The goal was to measure how they “oscillate” over time. In the experiment, called “Muon g-2 », while the particles traveled along the magnetic path, 15 meters and 24 centimeters long, and oscillated differently from the standard model used for 50 years.

Like the muons they are circulating inside magnet of Muon g-2, they also interact with a quantum “Foam” of subatomic particles. These interactions affect their value factor g, making the oscillation a accelerates oa slows down. The Model Model predicts the process very accurately. However, if the quantum “foam” includes additional forces that the standard model does not take into account could further affect the g-factor. Something like this happened in the experiment.

The Muon g-2 experiment finds strong evidence for new physics

He model model suggests that the entire universe is made up of fundamental particles governed by four fundamental forces: gravitational, the electromagnetic, the powerful i patient. Based on his latest discoveries Fermilab, the muon could also interact with undiscovered particles or forces, which are not included in the standard model as we know it. Because muons form naturally when lightning strikes the Earth’s atmosphere, the results could change the way we think the universe works.

“Strong evidence of the existence of an undiscovered particle or a new force”

In accordance with UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) the result “it provides strong evidence for the existence of an undiscovered subatomic particle or new force. “

In any case, scientists warn that there is a 40,000 chance that the result is due statistical error. The eminent professor of English physics Brian Cox xcharacterized the result “Important and exciting.” “The discovery of new physics is approaching, beyond the standard model” wrote on twitter. According to him, if the results are verified, it will be the greatest discovery in particle physics for many years, analogous to the Higgs particle.

Why the results of Muon g-2 are so exciting!

The Muon g-2 experiment

The experiment Muon g-2 looks for traces of new particles and forces, accurately examining the interaction of the muon in a magnetic field environment. He muon, when placed in a magnetic field, it functions as a tiny magnetic compass and as a gyroscope, rotating at a specific frequency as provided by the standard model. However, in the experiment it was found that the rotation was faster than expected, suggesting that the current understanding of physics is incomplete.

The innovative experiment took place at the National Ferry Laboratory in Illinois, which has the technology to create muons in particle accelerators. The muon is about 200 times larger than the electron and forms naturally.

Mitsio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics, argues that the discovery that muons oscillate unexpectedly could be the necessary clue in the search for a universal theory of everything, which he calls “God’s Equation.” Is this the sign of the final theory? Many expect this. Einstein had said that if you see the tail of a lion, there may be a lion attached. Any slight deviation from the standard model would be a tail that could lead to a real theory, scientists say.


The model of the model

According to the current model, in nature there are four fundamental interactions / forces: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong and weak interaction.

He experiments carried out for decades confirms again and again the descriptions of the model of the particles and forces that make up the universe. Kakou told MailOnline that the model is not perfect, as it seems to ignore gravity, which is the weakest, but with infinite range. EL electromagnetic force it also has infinite range but is much more powerful than gravity.

He weak and the strong forces they are effective to a very small extent and only dominate at the level of subatomic particles. The model model includes all forces and explains how they act on all particles of matter. However, the most familiar force of our daily lives, gravity, is not part of it Model Model. Adapting to the framework has proven to be a difficult challenge. Therefore, researchers are trying to break the Model Model and find small discrepancies that do not fit.

On the road to a “theory of everything”

EL Bad, Having that into account Model Model is imperfect -speak about “A bad theory that only a mother can love”he points out that even its creators admit it can’t be Final theory. He fluctuations, He argues that new forces and changes could be used in the way particles interact to give us an idea of ​​the true fundamental theory.

The formulation of a universal theory of everything, according to him, would be greater success inside history of 2,000 years of science with huge implications. This is because it would lead to the answer to a series of questions posed by scientists, including the one that preceded it. Bing Bang (Big Bang), the one on the other side of one black hole, but also if it is possible to travel in time.



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