Wednesday , March 3 2021

Survivor 4: Shock Exit – Salagoudi sent Elizabeth home ZOE

A shock exit was reserved for Survivor 4, as Elizabeth Eleci, with the vote of Anthis Salagoudis, left reality TV.

Initially, the Reds lost another test (they lost 10-7) to the Blues, losing the food prize, which were the peanut butter baguettes.


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Then, in another episodic council with clashes between the two teams for food, the Reds had to present two more candidates. This role would be taken on by the two most popular players on the team who were voted on by the audience. These were Anthi Salagoudi and George Kopsidas. Salagoudi chose Elizabeth as the candidate, while Kopsidas chose Asimina Iglezou.

With the departure of the candidate trio, George Lianos had to announce the result of the public vote. This took Elizabeth Eleci out of the game and left her shocked by the result.

Eleci: I’m shocked

As soon as Elizabeth’s name was heard, the blue team smiled thinking that a very basic rival had left. He smiled awkwardly and said, “Honestly, I’m freezing.” I didn’t expect it. I have shown my fighting spirit, I help in the hut, I have brought positive energy to everyone … I am the smiling girl that everyone says. I do not know. I’m stunned, I have no words I voted for Anthi and now that. But it was a beautiful experience. “

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