Sunday , September 19 2021

Survivor: Elias and Asimakopoulos promised and dived … naked in the sea (vine) | Also: viral

The prize of the first fight against immunity They survive Both teams really liked it, as they would have the opportunity to make Easter … Greek, with grilled meats and beers, to the point that they gave … luxurious promises.

EL Elias “Open the dance” saying that if the “reds” win they will dive naked into the sea, followed by George Asimakopoulos.

EL James for the Blues, he lifted his glove and said that in case of victory for his team, he would wear the swimsuit of Anna Maria Veli, who had left him (who knows why), and also dive into the sea.

In the end, they won red the award and George Lianos had just closed their eyes for not seeing this show.


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