Sunday , May 16 2021

Survivor: Salagoudi “maneuvered” with Lianos to the island council (vine) | Also: viral

Panic prevailed in another episode of Survivor, later everyone struggles with everyone.

Except for the fact that everyone is fighting with everyone and shouting constantly, accuse each other and create intrigue, in Monday’s episode (22/2) Anthi Salagoudi “maneuvered” with George Lianos.

Specifically, the Rosa referred to Anthi Salagoudi and what she attributes to her and other teammates said when she said angrily, “I can’t do this George, I’m leaving. I can’t have a Rose asking for the opinion of others. She said so many lies i don’t give me your word… ».

Then George Lianos replied, “Flowers half a minute, because I think you are attacking me at this time and it’s not good at all. We started a conversation that has to do with you and Rosa. Along the way three or four more numbers were opened. I’m watching a domino fall. You have also placed the file you will be right… ».

“Excuse me it was not a personal attack on you… », he replied.


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