Thursday , August 11 2022

Take the houses of Miley Saira and Nil Iang – Nevsbeast


Singers Miley Sirius and Neil Iang are among the hundreds of people who saw their name as ashes with deadly fires that destroyed a part of the Malibu coastal resort, where the flame continues to burn continuously on the fourth day.

Sirius wrote on Twitter that it was "absolutely destroyed by the fire that drove my community".

"I am among the lucky ones," she added.

"My lovers and LOVES OF MY LIFE have gone open and that's what's only important now. My home is no longer there, but the memories I share with my family and friends remain unchanged."

Miley Saira is hired for actor Liam Hemsworth.

Ladi Gaga and members of the Cardan family said they had to leave their homes due to the Voulsei fire, which destroyed more than 370 buildings and controlled only 20%.

For his part, Neil Young wrote on his blog that "California faces something bigger than what we have ever seen."

"Firefighters did not see anything alike in their lives," the musician wrote.

"I've heard this saying countless times over the past two days, and I've lost my home from the California fire and the past, now once again home."

Real Housevives star Camille Grammer also reported with Instagram that she had lost her home while actor Gerard Butler took Twitter on a photo in which she appeared in front of his burned home.

"Western moments in California," he wrote.

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