Tuesday , May 17 2022

TEI students from Thessaly continue to mobilize


TEI students from Thessaly, and in particular the occupational safety profession (SEIP) profession, continued from 9 am to 11 am in a two-hour occupation of Kiprou Street, at the height of the Jewish plateau, protesting for the abolition of the Department of Medical Laboratories.


According to students, the draft law, which includes the new architecture of the University of Thessaly, envisions the inclusion of the Department of Medical Laboratories in the care of a new university.

"Medical laboratories do not agree because they do not consider it a scientific criterion or necessity, it's a special science subject. We, we want a special school, Medical Laboratories, science can not connect with nurses. We, we will continue to mobilize as much as possible it is necessary with mobilizations, because this law does not give us any updates, it does not solve any problems. "


During the blockade of Cyprus, transport traffic problems mostly appeared for drivers who moved to the center. At the headquarters there were traffic police officers who tried to alleviate the problems that had arisen in the traffic of the vehicle.


Keep in mind that on Friday, November 9, there will be a new mobilization, this time the students will stop traffic at the height of the circular stream on the Alcazar bridge.

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