Friday , September 24 2021

The public call of his mother through the hospital and the support of Theodore Marantini

EL Sissy Christidou Lately, she is going through difficult times because, as she revealed a few days ago, her mother is facing a serious health problem.

As the presenter had commented, she suffers from leukemia and is being treated at the “Papanikolaou” hospital in Thessaloniki. Therefore, i Sissy Christidou he is there now to be by your side.

In fact, she often shares several posts about her health on her personal Instagram account. This time, he has posted a new message, informing his audience that his mother needs a lot of blood and platelets and thanking them for their offer so far.


Specifically, he wrote in the title: “The need for blood and platelets remains huge at the Papanikolaou Hematology Clinic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who came here for this great offer. We owe you our hope. Tel. For a donation appointment from sang a PAPANIKOLAOU 2313307015 “.

Many celebrities all this time, when their mother is giving her own battle, rush to send her best wishes and support her. Among them is or Thodoris Marantinis. Although the former couple has now followed separate paths, their singer Onirama is by his side all this time.

In fact, he reposted his message Sissis Christidou and made his own public recourse for blood donation, to help even in this way the mother of his ex-lover.


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