Thursday , August 11 2022

The scream is in the air


"I always thought you'd be happy. It's not true," said Maria Iliaki

Maria Iliaki and Katerina Karavatou met after years of television and seemed to have lots of interesting things. Indeed, Katerina Karavatou asked what was going on in her life in the last two years, which is far from television?

"Two years ago, things happened strangely in my life, and I decided to leave a relationship that was not good to me, and I said that I would start working with a therapist. After a month he was cut off and I had to stay alone with me and I see what I would do from it then I realized that what I did was not as I had to fix it. I realized that I made some wrong choices, wrong behavior and life drove me out. I see the blessing from which I remained because has helped a lot of people. I think the main mistake I've made to all of these It's been years since I did not enjoy anything, I always felt that something was missing. I did not learn to enjoy simple things in my life, "Maria Iliakim admitted tears in her eyes.

"I remember the first day when he told me that this thing was happening to this person, Stelios and the cry," said Catherine Karawatou and Maria Iliaki, about a man who changed her daily life: "I always thought you'd be happy. If you are wrong, I knew Stelios for 7 years, but I did not … When I felt good, this man entered his life as I see and melts and I am very happy. "

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