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The then-eleven-year-old sailing athlete breaks the silence: it was a rape in every way

“Rape in every way. I was 11 then.” I was in shock and instead of being supported, they wanted to destroy me. “I was only 11 years old, a child who sailed and dreamed of discrimination on the high seas. trying to cut off his wings abruptly. “It was very difficult. I just didn’t want my family to go through it, ”the then-eleven-year-old sailing athlete says for the first time exclusively on OPEN TV and Giannis Frangoulopoulos.

She is the athlete about whom Sofia Bekatorou reported to the Prosecutor’s Office. About ten years ago, this athlete, then only 11 years old, was sexually abused by her then-coach. The offense in its own case is not prescribed and will therefore be called immediately to testify. “I contacted Sofia, sending her a message of support, as she will have received many more. At first I had no intention of talking and I sent her a message, I told her a few things.” I explained to her from outside what had happened to me and that’s how we got in touch, ”says the athlete for the first time.

The then-eleven-year-old sailing athlete did not confess it to his parents at the time. A boy, only 11 years old, did not know how to handle it. “Rape in every way. It took me three years to tell my people. I was 14 when I said it, yes, and I couldn’t stand it anymore and somehow I had to find the courage to say it. to my parents.As soon as my parents found out, they went straight to the Police. “The bus left at night,” he said.

The 20-year-old is currently a member of the national sailing team with world distinctions and also a student. All this time he was climbing his own Golgotha. “We went, we asked for restrictive measures. My parents either had to protect me or make a broadcast to an entire village, which would be too heavy for me, eleven years old. So we decided not to take legal action. , apart from addressing the board of directors of the Group, which had just buried the issue, which was just trying to drag me to an entire village. “

“The Nautical Club fought me”

The 20-year-old sailing athlete complains that he even accepted the war from the Yacht Club, to which he belonged at the time. “I continued in the group, then the coach changed, I also changed category and I continued and that’s when I got more distinctions. After leaving this man, man in the end. The issue never came in the Federation, the Group did not even go there. Those who covered it are, in fact, moral authors, those of the Group “.

He buried her deep inside him to continue, but the wound will never close. “Now that I have reached an age where I can defend myself and especially for my family, I don’t accept some things and that’s why some things have to come to light and the whole case has to be reinstated.

Kaklamanakis: The new case of sexual abuse reported by Sofia Bekatorou is a minor girl

The revelation surprised the period before Olympian Nikos Kaklamanakis. The serious complaint filed by Sofia Bekatorou refers to a case of sexual abuse that took place about 9 years ago for a child who was between 11 and 14 years old. Nikos Kaklamanakis claimed the girl is now 21 years old.

Earlier Wednesday, Sofia Bekatorou reported a new case of sexual abuse to a colleague during her three-hour testimony with the prosecutor. The rape allegedly occurred at a time when the offense was not prescribed. “Today I testified about my personal case. On this occasion, I hope that other women who have experienced sexual abuse will come out and talk so that our society can be healthier and we can not be afraid.” The effort we started with the complaints of Nikos Kaklamanakis in Parliament and the rally we did with all the athletes, we hope it will help in the consolidation of Greek sport, ”stressed Sofia Bekatorou who left the prosecution.

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