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Tragedy in Tebes: found the man who hit the eight year old girl with the ball! – News


A 55-year-old boy from the town of Leontari, who found himself at his father's house to celebrate Easter, is the unknowing "artilleryman" that seriously injured Alexia, 8, of Thespies de Viotia, with her packs.
The investigation of Authorities and his identity was revealed after the ballistic examination and the investigation of the stadium forensic investigations that found that the child had been pushed from a distance of about 350 meters.

Police officers accompanied him to Athens, where the revolver was used by the 55-year-old boy and sent to forensic laboratories and the certified laboratory as a weapon that severely injuries the child.

The man owns a petrol station and has fun with his relatives during Holy Week in one of the three houses that the authorities had put under the microscope of their investigations.

In addition, more than 20 testimonials from witnesses received by Livadia police officers identified the house where, at the time the girl was injured, there were crowded men who fired and shot at air.

Without tangible evidence, the police officers seem to locate the "shit" that shot and injured – with some mortality – the small ball of 8 years of Alexia, at the Species of Beocia, in his day Easter.

According to his own officer EL.AS, "Today we receive testimonies from residents of both peoples. That is, from Thespies and Leontari."

Asked whether police officers are optimistic about how to detect the author, the same officer argued that "we have to admit that it is very difficult to locate. Not impossible, but very difficult."
The ballistic ones show where the lost ball left
The lost sphere that was removed from Alexia, 8, experienced a ballistic test that confirmed that it was a revolver instead of a hunting shotgun.


For both Thespies and Leontari there are registered residents who are licensed for hunting, but it is estimated that police officers will hardly be able to drive this way to the "drunk" title of the almost lethal weapon.
A Magnum 357, similar to that triggered by the actor!
In particular, the ballistic proved that the coup in eight years came from a 38 mm revolver, possibly "Magnum 357".

This was the result of balistic investigations conducted at the Criminal Services Laboratory, according to police sources.

Child Commander "P & A Kyriakou": "In a stable but critical situation"
With regard to the health of eight years, the doctors who took the loss of the right temple waiting for a new recovery.

At the moment, however, as governor of the Children's Hospital "P & A Kyriacou" and "Hagia Sophia", Mr. Manolis Papasavvas declared to Iefimerida.

"Something has not changed. The girl is in constant but critical conditions. Tubular breathing, with mechanical support," pointed Mr. Papasavas.

Tragedy in Thebes: What did the ballistic test show for the weapon that injured at age 8?

From a 38 mm revolver, possibly "Magnum 357", the removed feature appears after the surgery of its right temple An eight-year-old girl who accepted the projectile while playing in the yard of her house, in Hawks, on Easter, was the result of balistic investigations carried out in the laboratories of the criminal service, according to sources of the police.

Thiva 8 years
From today's morning, a scene of crime in the Criminal Investigation Directorate is on the scene of the incident, conducting a survey to collect data that will lead to the moment in which the firing and shooting were shot arrest of the author.

Thiva 8 years

It should be noted that investigations about the security of Livadia, which carry out a preliminary investigation into the case, are directed to a neighboring village and to certain groups that enjoyed Easter when firing in the air.

Meanwhile, the baby is still hospitalized in a stable but critical state at the Children's Hospital "Aglaia Kyriacou."

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