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Vangelis Marinakis: I support all my efforts with the gentleman and Mrs. Piraeus Vinner to continue working – News – News


The joint vision for Piraeus, which led to the creation of the combination of the "Piraeus Winner", as well as the work already done in the last four years, mentions Vangelis Marinakis at a meeting of municipal and joint advisors of the Combination held at the Piraeus City Hall in the presence of the Mayor Iiannis Morales.

The meeting was celebratory, marking the beginning of a new great fight for Piraeus. Vagelis Marinakis, the first Cross Combination Advisor, underlined that he supports all the forces of Iannis Madalis and Piraeus Winner to continue his work in the city.

"I will with all my strength support the" Piraeus Winner. "I will be with you on the road to see our city as we dreamed after the great projects that we have finished or promoted. We give Piraeus a new big fight and I'm sure we are again winners," he said. Marinakis.

For its part, Mayor Piraeus Giannis Motheris thanked Vangelis Marinakis for his support, saying he "supported and supported as many as anyone else in the Piraeus municipality". In his speech, Mr. M. Maralis addressed the work that was done in the municipality, and the result was that Piraeus was in the center.

"We have done a lot and we have to do more; we have to keep up with the efforts that we started in 2014: to make the city of Piraeus with a perspective and dynamics at all levels," said Mayor Piraeus, pointing out the fight with regard to the municipal elections in May.

Vangelis Marinakis: My only motivation is my love for Piraeus

In his letter, Mr. Marinakis pointed out: "Four years ago, people who had different starting points, but a common vision for our Piraeus, we decided to make this combination, with the appearance of doing some things for the city we love. Many of them we announced in 2014 that they have become a reality, even if in many cases we have encountered enormous difficulties. There are others who, for various reasons, refer to bureaucracy or government factor, have not yet begun or have been postponed. participation, I tried to help em municipal authorities with all my strengths and at all levels.

"Improving the urban environment through interventions in green, building and repairing squares, sports fields, playgrounds and cultural sectors with a series of events that left a strong point. At the same time, I could not mention our daily support for the charitable work of KODEP and of course the Metropolis in Piraeus, in all that we are and we will be an assistant.

"As I have said from the very beginning, all these actions have been initiated to help the work of the municipal administration without waiting for personal gain or consideration without any work or work that the municipality is dealing with.Which only motivation is my love for Piraeus. repeatedly stressed that despite the scenarios that some people cultivate, I do not want to have additional activities in Greece and Piraeus. I'm complacent that I will continue to work in the future for our combination, which I also consider to be my creativity.

"I still want Piraeus to be fashionable and different, the winner of Piraeus and I believe we win a bet for a city worthy of history, its potential, and especially its people. We will surely respect any opponent, but we will rely on our faith in our principles, our program and our work. We know from the election, we all live in the same city and we have nothing to split.

"So I will support all the power of" Piraeus Vinner. "I will be with you on the road to see our city as we dreamed after the great projects that we have finished or promoted. We give Piraeus a new big fight and I am sure to win again."

Giannis M. Maralis: Our commitments have been made

Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Iannis M. In his speech, Maralis emphasized, among other things, that it is a great pleasure to be here today, in the presence of Mr. Marinakis, who is the first on the cross chosen for our combination, a man who supports and supports all these years as much as anyone else in the municipality of Piraeus.

"The hard work that we all started together four years ago was successful, we have committed ourselves to creating the conditions for Piraeus to change for the better, and this commitment becomes a reality, since the beginning of our term we worked with the plan." We managed to launch the largest development project in the history of the municipality of Piraeus, providing a total of over 111,000,000 euros from European sources.

"We have resolved chronic problems such as the reconstruction of the Mikroliman and the exploitation of the scenes that have been initiated, we are making major repairs, projects and interventions throughout Piraeus. We struggle daily, despite the great difficulties that many times overcame the municipality in order to improve the everyday life of our citizens .

At the same time, we have made a significant reduction in municipal fees in order to support our citizens in this critical economic climate experienced by the city and the state. At the same time, we support our economically weak fellow citizens with a series of social actions, at the same time we emphasize the elderly by upgrading the centers of love and solidarity. disability and those who really need our support.

"Also, culture and sport have become a priority for our municipality, and Piraeus has entered the center. We have done a lot and we have to do more; we have to keep up with the efforts that we started in 2014: to make Piraeus city with a perspective and dynamics at all levels "

Then municipal councilors and municipal presidents got the word.

Avramidis Panagiotis: "As I supported the purely self-governing municipal assembly in 2014, from the sick mentality of the big parties they give, I will do it in 2019. I support Piraeus Wineer".

Agrapidis Christos: "We were glad we met with Mr. Vangelis Marinakis. We all hold together. We have achieved important things and we will continue to work even more."

Antonakou Stavroula: "Today's meeting marks the continuation of the successful team of Piraeus winners with Mayor Iiannis Motheris and" soul "Vangelis Marinakis. We will continue to do what we all had as a common denominator, to make the winner of Piraeus, Piraeus whom we all love."

Argoudelis Alekandros: "Piraeus Vinner came in 2014 to change Piraeus. We are continuing with mayor Giannis Matira for Piraeus we deserve."

Asteriadis Kalliopi: "I will support Iiannis Motheris in the municipal elections, because he is the best mayor I've seen."

Ventouris Andreas: "Today's meeting was very important. We protested against the whisper and rumor of the unity and dynamism of our combination and the relationships that developed between the members of a strong and certain group. We have launched a project and we have the strong will to continue and complete it. glad to know that even our rivals have long recognized their public statements with important work in the city. "

Voidonikolas Stavros: The Voidonikola family is a great political family of Piraeus of New Democracy, who appointed the presidents of the local committee of the party, two presidents of ONNED, and now we are happy that we have elected President NODA A Piraeus & Islands, Iiannis Voidonikola from the open procedure. The entire family supports Iannis Motheris. "

Gaitanaros Stilianos: "In the four years of this term, we are facing the problems of the city, we have created its future, we have provided more than 80 million euros for projects that will improve the image of Piraeus and the lives of its inhabitants, I support the combination of the" winner of Piraeus "and the reelection of Iannis Matic for the mayor of Piraeus. In the development struggle in Piraeus we wear a shirt only with the colors of our city. "

Gemelos Nikolaos: "The winner of Piraeus after today's meeting is even stronger. Support for the work that is done will continue in this election campaign." As Janis M. Maralis and Vangelis Marinakis said, friendships are never betrayed and become stronger year after year. "

Glika-Harvalakou Athens: "Piraeus Winner is united and strong continues dynamically. We are working hard and continuing even more intensely to make the vision a reality."

Davakis Georgios: "4.5 years ago we started from scratch with Vangelis Marinakis and we won. So now we start, but not from scratch, but after the great efforts of Mayor Janis Morales, we are very advanced. We will win with any opponent, and if we have, because people from Piraeus recognize the efforts and work of today's municipal government. I believe this victory will be magnificent with the support of Vangelis Marinakis. "

Hellenic Stavros: "It is very important that Mr. Marinakis supports the combination of his creativity and I believe that the great work done by Iannis M. Maralis and his team will be rewarded at the elections."

Zilakou Charalambia: "As my youngest municipal councilor, I am in this position for the past 4, 5 years and I hope that we will be even more in the new mandate at least and I'm sure we will overcome it. I support" Piraeus Winner ".

Kalamakiotis Nikolaos: "I support the combination of Piraeus winners" and we all together unite our fight for Piraeus, just like we promised the feast in 2014 ".

Kalogerogianni Panagiotis: "The man who has trusted me over the last five years of the NPC has never sold him."

Karvounas Nikolaos: "Obviously, we continue and support the winner of Piraeus, not only prevail in the next elections, but also in the first weekly re-election."

Cubaris Nikolaos: "We continue to support Mr Janis Matic and we believe that Piraeus will trust us this way and we will win in Piraeus."

Laoulakou Sunday: "With this municipal authority, we have begun an effort that I think should continue and end up for the benefit of Piraeus. Of course, I support Iannis Motheris and we continue."

Mantouvalos Nikolaos: "As the municipal councilor of the Piraeus winner, I will help in the efforts to stay in the city hall of Piraeus, in order to continue the important work that has taken place in our municipality since the current mandate and from our audience vision that Piraeus becomes a global destination."

Mavridakis Emmanouil: "We must continue with our Mayor Giannis Morales, the effort we started four years ago."

Melas Ioannis: "From April 7 to April 4, 2014, we all started to make Piraa together, I never thought of anything, nor did I complain about my participation with Janis Matic. from the municipality, or donations initiated by "Piraeus Vinner" by Vangelis Marinakis. Our program is being implemented, our ideas are being implemented in the city and I am sure that Piraeus will trust us in the next municipal elections. "

Nikopolidis Antonios: "I support the combination of Piraeus Winner and Mayor Janis Morales. We all go together."

Dafa Irini: "We meet all the combination of Piraeus Vinner in the hall of the City Council and continue to be on the side of Mayor Janis Matiis. We are all together unqualified for better Piraeus, so we can see the work that we did 4.5 years to get the flesh and bone and get to happy result: great and powerful Piracy. "

Sprendias Christos: "We have begun a very energetic effort and struggle for Piraeus to re-invite us and mayor Janis Matic to come out and, above all, justify the president and man Vangelis Marinakis from all the earthquakes that they throw for so long.

Sigalakos Kiriakos: "We are continuing with Mayor Janis Matic to complete the planning of the development of our Piraeus in order to become attractive for investments, human, in relation to the environment and to improve the lives of our fellow citizens."

Tzeferakos Alekandros: "In 2014, I made my overrun as Piraeus, and I participated in the super-party group" Piraeus Winner. "The election of Mr. Vangelis Marinakis in the face of Janis Morais is justifying me with the virtue, diligence, human attitude towards all the problems of our fellow citizens, ruin, implementation of meritocracy, absolute improvement in municipal services and great work in all areas. I will continue to support it in efforts to improve our city. "

Nikifin Golf Club (Municipal Community): "Today's meeting of managers" Piraeus Vinner "with the creators of the Maralis-Marinakis combination is the definition that the winning team does not change."

Athanasios Lina (Second Municipal Community): "I support the mayor with all my power because, above all, he is a human being, and then a politician. He is Piraeus and will continue to be a winner."
Haralambos (Third Community): All together hit for the Piraeus winner.

Poulos Anastasios (D community): "I support Piraeus Winner, we have done a great project and with the help of Mr. Vangelis Marinakis this work will be strengthened in the next term." Giannis M. Maralis is one of the best mayors who has ever left the city. citizens, and the next 5 years will be better for us Piraeus.

Voidonikolas Iannis (E community): As president of E community and recently elected president of NODE and Piraeus & Islands, I support the mayor Janis Matiis, in order to continue the work that we started in 2014 together.

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