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War of lawyers in the Lignadis-Kougias case: “He is innocent” -Vlachos: “New revelations arrive” | HELLO

The counter-allegations between Dimitris Lignadis’ lawyer, Alexis Kougia, and the victim’s lawyer, Ioannis Vlachos, are intense, pending the apology of the accused, who is expected to go to the investigation. in the morning and ask for a postponement for Thursday.

Kougia’s statements about “professional homosexuals” and “unreliable personalities” provoked the reaction of Mr. Vlachos, who announced new revelations about D. Lignadis, accused of serial rape.

Kougias: Political motives behind the complaint about Lignadis

Alexis Kougias spoke of “big lies,” while he spoke of a “nasty surprise” regarding the case. In fact, he claimed that there are political motives behind the case.


Nikos S.’s complaint against Lignadis in Justice

Lawyer for prosecutor Lignadis, 25: the assertion that my client has political motives offends intelligence and justice

“I want to make it known to everyone that this case with this legal barbarity against a Greek citizen is aimed at Mrs Mendoni, who is the only minister responsible for unblocking the large investment in Elliniko, in order to overcome the obstacles of the so-called findings. archeological sites and finally complete this huge investment, “he said in the morning, while in his statement for the case file he mentions, among other things, that he will ask for a deadline tomorrow to file D. Lignadis on Thursday.

Kougia’s statement:

“A few hours ago I received in my hands the copies of the case file, formed by the Athens Prosecutor’s Office against the main actor, director and former director of the National Theater of Greece, Mr. Dimitris Lignadis.

It was hoped that the contents of the case would have evidence to justify the prosecution of the crime of serial rape against him, as well as the issuance of an arrest warrant, a procedural act provided for in extreme cases, when prosecutors and judges presume two conditions:

1) the first is the accused of an perpetrator of illegal conduct that is now occurring and

2) it is likely that the latter is his disappearance or his departure abroad.

I was unpleasantly surprised to see that the case file does not contain any, to which I have been accustomed for almost five decades, when trials were initiated, such as those which were activated in an instant against Mr. Lignadis.

In the file are two lawsuits written by lawyers. One plaintiff lives permanently in Sweden and the other claims that he was a model, who in fact describes nothing to the detriment of Mr. Lignadis and, as soon as he reads what they describe, realizes that they are big but unreliable lies. personalities.

As for the so-called witnesses who allegedly confirm facts, it is “Professional” homosexuals, who, as a profession, have their remunerated cohabitation with the corresponding homosexuals, and a 40-year-old lady, who confesses that she was incurably in love and that she had sexual intercourse with Mr. Lignadis, while she was engaged, and whose personality is known in the field of theater, details of which we will highlight with our apologetic memorandum and which we will apologize to Mrs. Researcher.
It should be noted that all the alleged victims and alleged rapists who testify before any act, which they allegedly call rape, allegedly had an affair with Mr. Lignadis for a long time.


Kougias for the Lignadi case: approximate lies of unreliable witnesses who had an affair with him

Cas Lignadi, a 40-year-old witness: “He himself had told me that he had a relationship with a 16-year-old boy, who was threatening to kill me if I told him.”

I am surprised that, with this pre-investigation and investigation material, the presumption of innocence against my unfortunate client was violated so severely that criminal charges were brought against him, without me being called to give explanations to the chief prosecutor and issue a detention order without a totally illegal process.

I have been a defense lawyer for almost five decades, I know that unfortunately many times criminal cases are deliberately fabricated, which are often the means of business and political interest (case of the late Vrentzos three days before the 2004 elections, case of Richard on the eve of the 2019 elections. a) and I want to let everyone know that this case with this legal barbarity against a Greek citizen is addressed to Mrs. Mendoni, who is the only minister responsible for unblocking the big investment in Elliniko, in order to to overcome the obstacles of the so-called archaeological finds and finally complete this huge investment.

Needless to say I accept the order of Mr. Dimitris Lignadis be your advocate and I wish that the 19th ordinary investigator and the lady or the chief prosecutor who opine, have the courage to endure this unprecedented, inhuman and against the conditions of a fair trial against my client and that they do not submit to humble political and business interests.

Tomorrow we will appear with Mr Lignadis at 12 noon before Mrs Anakritou and I will ask for an adjournment of her apologies for Thursday 25.2.2021 so that we can have time to prepare an appropriate apology to me and my colleagues.

With gratitude and respect,

Alexis Kougias »

It should be emphasized that Mr. Kougias, relating the case to the investment in Elliniko, saying that the target of the complaints is the Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni, stated that if his client accepts it, he will proceed to file a lawsuit against Ms. Mendoni for the characterizations of “dangerous man,” he said at a news conference about Lignadis.

Vlach: Despair and poverty in the arguments

Alexis Kougia’s statement provoked the reaction of Mr Vlachos, who spoke of “arguments of despair and poverty in defense”.


Brother Lignadis: those who can read below the lines, know what kind of case it is

Lignadi case: tension in the air between Kougia-Tsimtsili – “Do you know the case? How do you take a position?” [βίντεο]

“The allegation that my client, a Swedish citizen, has political motives offends the intelligence and the judiciary, which has acted decisively to protect society as a whole, while trying to intimidate and discourage victims and witnesses.

The despair and poverty of the defensive arguments should not be a reason to further poison the Greek citizen who observes with terror and disgust what, unfortunately, happened and is revealed daily. The human pain and silent trauma of these people are not offered for partisan exploitation.

“Our democratic and functioning political system must show that it is incapable of any opportunity or direct or indirect blackmail by a person accused of serious crimes and must not be attracted by useless confrontations on the occasion of a social and criminal case against abused children “. Vlach.

Vlachos: He even directed their relationship

Vlachos claimed the defendant was “surrounded by a certain circle of children” and “used and directed them even in their relationships.”

“He directed not only the theater, but also those he approached. He gave specific roles to his life,” he said, speaking to SKAI, even mentioning that some of these children wanted to commit suicide.

“There was the method of approach, of attraction, of conquest. It followed the stage of recreational manipulation. These are children who had not formed their character, they had not been trained in terms of sexuality, they were not they had balanced in their social and family environment.The third and final stage was that of physical abuse. “It’s a pattern of action that comes from most of the kids I’ve talked to.”

As he pointed out, there are other children he has approached and who have already testified, announcing in advance that there are other people who are willing to talk.

“As the story progresses, more and more people feel the need to offer their own testimony in the facts of what they have heard from victims of abuse stories they have suffered,” said Vlachos, who ask to remain anonymous until the Court reaches its witness.

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