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When the early discounts begin – News


According to the estimates of the Attica Regional Chamber of Commerce, which expects, due to the provisional returns that will begin on Thursday in May, the decline in turnover from 4% to 6% in relation to the year Past was in commercial traffic. It is the month in which retail sales will return to a positive sign in relation to last year.

According to data from the study department of the Technical Chamber of Greece, he points out the context of the peripheral council and the EBRD, Vassilis Korkides, who evaluates the movement of purchases during the Easter period and on the occasion of the spring launch "intermediate discounts ".

"The downward trend in turnover in retail trade reappeared at the beginning of the year and was maintained for the fourth consecutive month. The Easter market, as we know, is limited in time and money, but short-term , since it does not exceed the week and the turnover, in general, does not exceed 1,500 million euros. The first estimates, compared to the markets of Attica last year, show that there is a marked reduction between 4% and 6%. This means less sales in April, a minimum of 120-150 million euros. Their honorable preference for consumers during the Easter season was, for one more year, the articles of gift, with priority of clothes and footwear and, of course, food. It is positive that the Easter table has been maintained at last year's price levels, despite the pressure to increase. From January to today, there There is consumer fatigue, since, according to ELSTAT, retail sales had a decline Billion provision of -2.9%, while in February -2.3% and March -2.5%. In the first quarter of the year, ELSTAT recorded an impressive fall in clothing footwear sales -12.8% and food -4.3%, which seems to be reflected in April. It should be noted that fiscal liabilities in April amount to 3,300 million euros, while in May another 3,500 million euros of direct and indirect taxes are expected. All these charges will undoubtedly affect the next period of mid-spring discounts that, in the region of Attica, as well as in others, but not in all regions of the country, begin this year on May 2 and will end on May 15 With regard to the failure of the measure of intermediate discounts, the responsible bodies have expressed many opinions, since consumers demand a discount before or wait after the holidays to make purchases. We expect the second and the month of May to happen, when retail sales return to a positive sign, compared to last year. However, the change in turnover between the smallest and largest retail trade seems to continue to increase during the first four months. The general conclusion is that the resurgence of retail trade, at least in the regional markets of Attica, did not reach this past Easter either. "


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