Thursday , January 23 2020
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Winner of Asen the Vinels – Car – MOTO GP


The first win this year in Moto GP has led to Maverick Vinalues. The Spanish rider of Yamaha won the race in Asen leaving behind the world champion, Mark Margate, for 4.8 seconds, but he increased his lead in front of the nearest rival to 44 points.

Fabio Quartararo after second place in Catalonia returned to the podium and finished with Yamaha behind the Spanish Honda, while Andrea Dovicioze was fourth, in front of Morbindelli and Petroucci.

Valentino Rossi for the third straight fight in the left, as the eighth again fell and did not continue.



Race classification

1. Marketing 160

2. Dovitsiozo 116

3. Petrouchi 108

4. Rins 101

5. Rosie 72

6. Quartet 67

7. Vignals 65

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