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Yes to transparency in political life, not in the muddy arena –


He accuses the Prime Minister of panic that it will lead him to ruin everything

Due to absolute transparency for everyone and everywhere, adding that "we will not allow the political life of a place to change into a muddle arena because it will hurt democracy," says the president of the Movement for Change, Phoebe Gennimata, in an interview for the newspaper "Democracy of the Rhodes".

He speaks of "running scandal" on behalf of "Makimus Staff" in order to "hide his sins and his inability", as well as the "panic of the Cypriot people" that will "lead to ruin everything." "I am determined to defend the honor and reputation of hundreds of thousands of members and members of the faction who have given their soul to the country and the Republic for years with ethos and sincerity.In our line we have seen a coordinated attack.Karamanlis cuts, bars of Tsipras and Mitsotakis is a prudent proffer suit suit The Greeks will cancel their plans, "he adds.

As for the Constitutional Review, he said that KINAL submitted his proposals to a public hearing, while "he would not give a glittering assessment to Mr. Mitsotakis or anyone who had an illusion that he would express his views on the Constitution in the next house". "With our presence and positions in Parliament, we will not allow either Mr. Cypriot's election nor the post-election initiatives of Mr. Mitsotakis," he said. He said that "the duration of the unnecessary third Memorandum expired," but "burdensome obligations and cruel detention remain the worst crisis and the problems are here," because "in no area the country has not made progress."

He said that KINAL will propose an account that will ensure dignity in the life of every citizen, every family with direct application of measures. Noting that "the reduction in salaries and pensions begun by previous governments", he reminded that "in the past years, we had the unpredictable deficit that the country inherited from the 2004-2009 period, handed over by Mr. Tsipras and SV are silent. "When asked if KINAL will be able to deal with the pressure it will receive from Syriza and ND, he replied, among other things, that" most Greeks want the strategic defeat of SYRIZA-ANEL and the failure of the right. can and must meet in the Movement of Changes. "

Ms. Gennimata emphasized that Greece, "which remains a force for peace and stability in the region, must" send a clear signal of determination and be able to defend our national interests. "

"Our country is internationally exposed to the constant" alleged disagreement "of Mr Kammenos, which shows the policy of" ragule. "And Mr. Cipras is indifferent, he is retiring in order to keep the presiding authority for some time," he added, adding, "It's time for a true patriotic policy that unites the Greeks, defends our national laws, enforces compliance with international treaties, exploits our geopolitical position in Europe and the world, and distance yourself from the noble nationality and patriarch of Mr. Cypriot's partner. Far from the extreme right-wing logic like those that are increasingly dominated by the New Democracy. "

President KINAL emphasizes the need to free the island of the Aegean Islands immediately and places great responsibility on power and refugee management, but also on exploitation of the refugee crisis. He also stated that he proposed to the European Socialists the establishment of an "Agency for the Promotion of Cooperation between the Isles and the EU Border Areas".

In the end, he talks about "cheating the islands" on behalf of the government for VAT on the islands, adding that KINAL will reintroduce parliament to the account he submitted for the reduction of VAT on the islands.

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