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APEC pens talks "Chuan Xi Hui" opportunities for melting ice may not be small? | ETtodai International | ETtodai Nevs Cloud


▲ Peng Si and Xi Jinping exchanged fire on APEC! Xi Jinping determined protectionism, and Peng Si was sick. (Photo / Reuters)

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US Vice President Mike Pence recently exchanged fire with Xi Jinping at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC), expressed his intention to address China's "One Belt, One Way" and announced that "We will not press Comments as an Impact on Independence partner countries and putting in a debt crisis have raised concerns as to whether it is difficult for China and the United States to dissolve at the G20 summit in a few weeks. Because Trump's style has always been unusual, everything must be based on Trump's position.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, due to the impact of the Sino-US trade war, relations between the two sides continued to deteriorate. Peng Si and Xi Jinping made a move to the APEC negotiations on 21 leaders in Papua New Guinea. This text accuses the other party of "loving the political circle" and "loving pressures in partner countries in the trade". In addition, after closing APEC, the announcement was not released on the list, which worried the outside world. At the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it is very difficult for China and the United States to reach a big deal. It can be increased.

However, there are still many people who believe that even if Burns made a statement, this can still be changed due to chaos in the United States and Trump's ideas. Nelson, director of East Asian jobs at Albright Stonebridge, said: "Pens are really good at speech, and it can clearly pass to the core of the problem, but its impact is always weakened in the end because we all know the fact that Trump's actions are difficult to predict "Trump announced on February 16 that he would be happy to move with Xi Jinping.

▲ Many outsiders believe that China-US relations continue to depend on Trump's decision. (Photo / Reuters)

Chuan Xi will appear at the G20 summit in late November, when a trade dialogue is expected to start in China and America, former US Secretary of State Henry Alfred Kissinger said at the dinner of the US-China National Committee: "I hope China and the United States can establish a new kind of economic and trade relations and methods of dialogue work together to resolve the difficulties in relations between the two countries. "Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai stressed that it is necessary to observe and resolve relations between the two countries nu and the US in a new perspective that corresponds to the historical trend of the 21st century.

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