Tuesday , May 17 2022

Article 23. Is the crime of theft of state secrets exempt by law Deng Bingqiang: No exemption from status and occupation Chen Langsheng: The definition of state secrets is not yet clear (17:45) -20211016 -Hong Kong News-Ming Pao News Net


  1. Article 23. Is the crime of stealing state secrets exempt from the law? Deng Bingqiang: No exemption for status and occupation 20211016-Hong Kong NewsMing Pao News Network
  2. Deng Bingqiang said the espionage had occurred in the early hours, “former foreign intelligence personnel went to Li Zhiying’s newspaper to do a job” | Position report Position newsPosition news
  3. Deng Bingqiang supports legislation to ban and humiliate law enforcement officers: current law has a high threshold and Article 23 legislation to study the crime of espionageHong Kong 01
  4. Deng Bingqiang: insulting public officials, fostering a sense of non-compliance and supporting research and legislationnow news
  5. Deng Bingqiang, former intelligence officer working for Li Zhiying newspaper: whether you think the espionage threat will stop or be naive-Hong Kong News-Real-time news-Headline DailyDaily title
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