Tuesday , September 27 2022

Former Hang Seng Bank CEO Zheng Huimin Died of Illness-Yahoo Hong Kong News


  1. Former Hang Seng Bank CEO Zheng Huimin died of an illnessYahoo Hong Kong News
  2. [Germana anterior de Hang Seng]Zheng Huimin, the former CEO of Hang Seng, died in May this year and was transferred back to HSBC in the August-Hong Kong Economic Times-News Channel-App ZoneHong Kong Economic Times-News
  3. Hang Seng’s ex-sister Zheng Huimin, hkej.com’s Hong Kong Economic Journal website, diesHong Kong Economic News
  4. The death ceremony of former Hang Seng CEO Zheng Huimin will be held on FridayHong Kong 01
  5. Zheng Huimin, former CEO of Hang Seng Bank, dies at age 57-Hong Kong News-Real-time news-Daily headlineDaily title
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