Monday , September 27 2021

Hong Kong team Chen Xiwen advances to Eastern Windsurf Olympics: RS: X Women’s Medal Competition-RTHK-Radio Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong team Chen Xiwen advances to women’s medal competition RS: X: Windsurfing Olympics East: RTHKHong Kong Radio
  2. [Jocs Olímpics de Tòquio]Hong Kong team performance at a glance Shibei’s 100-meter freestyle rush to win gold Chen Xiwenjin Windsurfing Medal TournamentDaily title
  3. Eastern Olympics 7.28 Express D China Diving Rowing Rowing Golden Candle Chen Xiwen Zheng Junliang Medal Battle is in sight (continuous update) (18:50) -20210728-SportsMing Pao News Network
  4. [Resultats de l’equip de Hong Kong]Rings Hung Wing-Chen single women rowing finished 6th in the group and will compete in the final ranking from 19 to 24[Actualització contínua]-Hong Kong Economic Times-TOPick-News-SocietyHong Kong Economic Times-TOPick
  5. [Jocs Olímpics de Tòquio]The performance of the Hong Kong team He Shibei enters the semifinals of the 100 meters freestyleDaily title
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