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Interview with Ryoho Suzuki, Producer of “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires”: There’s the Concept of Military “Sword Storm” | 4Gamers

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“Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires,” which is still in development, will be featured on the ChinaJoy video game program in China this time and the latest demo content in the same field will be released. For players who were unable to reach the scene, producer Suzuki Ryoho reported on the state of development through interviews.

Below is the content of the demo version released this time on ChinaJoy.

Since viewing the TGS Tokyo Game Show 2019, “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” has been postponed for a later version. Although so far sporadic intelligence has emerged, the actual number is not too many.

In this regard, Suzuki Ryoho expressed his apologies and also said that he finally waited until the actual game section could be made public this time. Keep waiting for the release date.

“Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” is no longer an open world

Suzuki Ryohiro said directly why “Empires” did not adopt the open world, because the assessment of the open world does not match the style of the series “Empires” and the pace of the game is too slow.

In addition, it is now known that the 94 generals who participated in the “Empires” follow the identity of the beginning of the era and 94 generals can be used from the beginning. At the same time, the pre-birth event script and the post-mortem event history script can also be used as free mode.

Suzuki Ryoho said “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” has a system similar to “Sword Storm: A Hundred Years War,” but compared to “Long Sword Storm,” it focuses on legion battles. In Wushuang, the game will still adjust. Details such as the balance.

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Akihiro Suzuki.

“Siege” selected as “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires”

Suzuki Ryoho did not hesitate to say that the main thought of the “siege war” came from the open world of “Dynasty Warriors 8”. At the time, due to the large-scale and realistic production of major cities, I wanted to use a city to make it a reality. The original siege plan.

In Empires, you can experience the daily and combat instructions provided by different identities by playing the role of “monarch”, “general” and “at large”. In “decisive battle mode”, as long as captured generals can be registered, released or executed, but registration has the possibility of being rejected.

Compared to the seventh-generation “Empire” secret skill system, “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” unifies the secret skill effects of the previous game as a special ability that players can use. At the same time, the large-scale secret skills of previous work will become the element of change. If launch conditions are met, secret combat skills can be used to change the battle situation.

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Recently, Koei Tecmo made many changes to the “Wushuang” section.

“Warring States Warriors 5” has a new character painting, “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” rarely invites two generals as a cover. Suzuki Ryoho noted that based on the concept of “Military Division” is the symbol of the concept of the series “Empires” that takes over the world system, so two military divisions were selected that represented “Three Kingdoms” , Kong Ming and Sima Yi.

Suzuki Ryoho finally stated that the release of “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” not only pursues the fun of the “Empires” series, but has a sense of rhythm to capture the world and a sense of presence in the siege. it occurs with the goal of being able to continue playing.

“Dynasty Warriors” 20th Anniversary Commemorative Work “Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires” is expected to be released on PC Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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