Thursday , March 4 2021

[Mercat nocturn de l’índex Hang Seng]Xiaomi confirms that car manufacturers’ stock price will rise 6% and Hang Seng index continues to rise more than one hundred points in night market (constantly updated) -Hong Kong Economic Times-Real-time News Channel-Market Finance -Security Market-Hong Kong Economy Daily-News

  1. [Mercat nocturn de l’índex Hang Seng]Xiaomi was rumored to confirm that the price of car manufacturing shares rose 6% and that the Hang Seng index continued its rise in the night market. Hong Kong Economic Times-Real Time News Channel-Market Finance-Stock MarketHong Kong Economic Times-News
  2. Hong Kong shares fell to more than 400 points -RTHKHong Kong Radio
  3. Xi Guangsi: after the stock market soared, a global adjustment was initiated (Hongke Economic Journal website Kong Economic Journal
  4. [Condicions del mercat de valors de Hong Kong]Hang Seng index fell 400 points, Gome Retail, Gome Financial shrank the market and rose 20% (constantly updated) -Hong Kong Economic Times-Real-time news channel- Market finance-Stock marketHong Kong Economic Times-News
  5. Hong Kong ADR shares close 182 points, HSBC test 45 yuan East Net
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