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New research: The Milky Way may have a large number of planets like Earth Solar System | Alien civilization

[Epoch Times, 5 d’abril de 2021](Epoch Times reporter Di Rui drafted a report). A new study proposes that, in terms of the solar system, Earth, Venus and Mars are built from dust that contains ice crystals and carbon elements. Yes, this means that it is possible that the same can happen with other star systems. Home of the Milky Way, so water-rich planets can be very common.

Many scientists believe that the earth’s water resources were provided by a water-carrying asteroid in a given period after its birth. Therefore, when exploring the various theories and methods of extraterrestrial civilization, it is interesting that most scientists also use the probability that an asteroid carrying water on a planet is one of the basic conditions for the formation of an extraterrestrial civilization. : there is water. .

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, recently presented a new vision: planets were born with water in the early stages of their birth and lost water resources due to changes in certain conditions in the process of later development. For example, the water of Venus is carried away by the solar wind; Mars ’water resources may be enclosed in minerals or because Mars loses its magnetic field and diverges in space.

So they proposed that what should be taken into account is the probability that a planet will retain water, and this usually “depends on the distance between the planet and its host star.”

The researchers designed a computer model to calculate the process by which planets grow from the smallest basic modules together and grow to give birth to planets. Scientists know that all the young stars in the Milky Way are surrounded by millimeter-sized dust particles that contain ice crystals and carbon elements. This study speculates on this basis that the earth was composed of these dust particles 4.5 billion years ago.

Their model showed that the earth began by capturing small rocks rich in ice crystals and carbon elements, and gathered in small balls of only about 1% of the current mass. After that, longer and faster, it will reach its current quality after about 5 million years. During this process, the temperature of the earth’s surface rises rapidly, causing ice crystals from small rocks to evaporate to the surface. Although the earth is lucky, 70% of the surface is covered by water, but now it is seen that “only 0.1% of the planets have water.”

The head of the study, Anders Johansen, said: “All the planets in the Milky Way can be built from the same basic modules. This means that in other stellar systems in the Milky Way, as long as the conditions of temperatures are adequate, there is also a high probability that a planet with the same water and carbon content as the earth will appear, and it also has the potential to feed life. “

Co-researcher Martin Bizzarro believes that there can also be intelligent life on these planets. “Our model shows that if all the planets have the same water content as the earth, they will not only have water and oceans as the earth, but they will also have the same number of terrestrial plates. If so, there will be life. ” The odds are high. “

The research was published in the journal Science Advances on February 17th. ◇

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