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[Nova borsa IPO]Saisheng Pharmaceutical 6600 Margin Records 58.5 billion excessive subscriptions for 267 times (constant update) -Hong Kong Economic Times-News Channel-Market News-IPO

Continental biopharmaceutical company Saisheng Pharmaceutical (new ad code: 06600) will offer shares from Friday (19) to next Wednesday (24).

Mainland biopharmaceutical company Saisheng Pharmaceutical (new ad code: 06600) closed its IPO on Wednesday (24) and went public on 3 March. Based on data from multiple brokers, Saisheng Pharmaceutical’s margin trade recorded 58.5 billion yuan, an oversubscription of 267.5 times. Among them, Phillip lent 12.5 billion yuan, Yaocai lent 9.2 billion yuan, Futu Margin recorded 10.3 billion yuan, Huatai lent 6 billion yuan, Dahua Jixian 4.6 billion yuan and KGI lent 2.5 billion yuan .

How many hands are drawn for Saisheng Pharmaceutical, can one hand be insured first? See[Pàgina següent]for more information

Saisheng Pharmaceutical IPO Details:[Pàgina següent]

See the information in the Saisheng Pharmaceutical brochure:

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Saisheng Pharmaceuticals focuses on treatment areas with significant unmet medical needs, including tumors and severe infections. The company plans to issue 116 million shares and raise up to 2,188 million yuan. Morgan Stanley, CICC and Credit Suisse are the joint sponsors.

Credit Suisse, one of the underwriting groups, issued a report giving the company a valuation ranging from US $ 2.8 billion to US $ 3.6 billion (approximately A $ 21.7 billion to A $ 27.9 billion). An increase of 17% year-on-year.

Credit Suisse predicts that the projected P / E ratio for Saisheng Pharmaceutical for 2022 will range from 22 to 28 times, and that its P / E ratio for the joint industry will range from 12.2 to 57.4 times . Credit Suisse also believes the company’s Zadaxin drug will continue to be Saisheng Pharmaceutical’s main asset, contributing 83%, 74% and 69% of revenue from 2020 to 2022, respectively.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange intends to verify that Nuohui Health repeat subscription repeat Next page】

The predecessor of SciClone US, SciClone US, was once listed on NASDAQ (stock code before removing the list: SCLN). In 2017, a consortium formed by Telford Capital, Bank of China Group Investment Co., Ltd., CDH Investment, Shangda Capital and Boying Investment privatized it.

[Centrat en l’oncologia i els fàrmacs per a infeccions greus, Saisheng Pharmaceuticals ocupa fermament el camp terapèutic d’alt creixement]

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