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Police join Quan Tong Immigration Department and arrest 13 landed women – News – Xincheng Finance Channel

Police and Department of Immigration in Quan Tong

11/16/2013 0:43
The Sau Mau Ping police district special task force, a special service from the Quun Tong police district, and the Immigration Department officials jointly conducted an anti-propaganda operation. They were arrested yesterday at Caring Road, Sheung Ian Street, Chong Ian Street, Shui Vo Street and Kvun Tong Industrial Area. A two-way license holder and a passport holder. In land-based women aged 24 to 52, they are suspected of violating the conditions of stay. All arrested women were detained for investigations and handed over to the Immigration Department for a subsequent operation.
In addition, various squad Sau Mau Ping Division yesterday, a unit on location 93-115 Concord Street, arrested two 42-year-old surnames and 47-year-old Vei, who were suspected of helping in the operation of unlicensed massage parlors. , was released on bail and reported to police later this month.

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