Friday , June 25 2021

Steam "Ren Vang Complete Edition" opens a limited time special offer – Hong Kong mobile game net

In addition to historical facts at the end of the Commonwealth's period, this work has a multitude of military commanders of the western states, and the original story is deep and deep. It will also provide enough tension and high sense of achievement, which is enough to call "war states". Work "Death Game".

■ Turn on the content

The full version of the game "Kiushu" – "Omi" and three great updates "Northeast Dragon", "Successor" and "Iuanhe" are included.

◆ "Dragon of the Northeast" (northeast)

Describes the story of the protagonist as to whether the sect of Ii Dazheng with a one-sided nickname is a dragon's rebellion in the northeast.

◆ "The heir of righteousness"

(Osaka Winter Festival) The story phase is in the winter of Osaka.

He describes the story of a soldier who is known as the first soldier in Japan and the constant war of the Persian lands.

◆ "Iuanhe Iuvu"

(Osaka Summer Arrai) The story is held in Osaka summer.

Describes the final battle between Tokugawa and Toiotomi, which ended yesterday's war days and the end of the Villi trip.

■ Special Edition with limited edition Steam

You can get the Steam version of the special code "regular head front helmet".

You can select the "Gift" option in the "Temple" of the game to collect special codes.

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