Saturday , July 24 2021

Stock and foreign exchange market conditions.Constantly updated: In addition weak shares of the foreign market tend to be well received and the water collection of the People’s Bank of China limits the growth of loans from domestic banks this year. Daily Apple Daily-Hong Kong Apple Daily

  1. Stock and currency market conditions. Constantly updated | The external sector has generalized a weak A-share market and the PBOC’s water collection limits the growth of loans from domestic banks this year | Apple DailyHong Kong Apple Daily
  2. The Dow and S&P 500 index hit new highs, benefiting from strong economic information -RTHKHong Kong Radio
  3. The economic data of of U.S. stocks report good news for Dow Jones and S&P to hit new highsAnue 亨
  4. [Els mercats borsaris mundials continuen actualitzant-se]Top three US stock indices rise together, Dow Jones rises 330 points and hits new highs | Apple NewsTaiwan Apple Daily
  5. US equities outperformed Taiwan equities and the market index rose to a new two-day highYahoo News
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