Wednesday , October 27 2021

The “Lizhen Volleyball Team” prototype of the “Men’s Volleyball Team” was disqualified from the Volleyball Association


The prototype team of the volleyball team “Strive To” of the ViuTV TV series “Men’s Volleyball Team”, “Li Zhen Volleyball Club”, suddenly declared on social platforms last night that the current board of the Hong Kong Volleyball Association canceled its official membership in May this year. He expressed strong opposition to it. “Li Zhen” also said on the social platform, “Many teams have been working quietly, working hard for local volleyball, but can’t get resources. After all … who controls the resources? After Olympic fashion, you still support athletes. Is that so? The injustice that local athletes face, will you still face it? “

Lizhen Volleyball Club released a statement on social media yesterday. The previous board of directors approved the rating of “Lizhen” in accordance with the Hong Kong Volleyball Federation Memorandum of Association, confirming “Lizhen” ’s contribution to promoting the development of volleyball in Hong Kong in recent years. years. The approved resolution “Li Zhen” becomes a full membership application. However, “Li Zhen” received a letter from the current board of the Volleyball Association through the secretariat on May 11 this year, in which he notified that he had resolved the dissolution of the members of the association.

“Lizhen” quoted the Volleyball Association as saying in the letter that other members raised questions and complaints about “Lizhen” as a full member and, on April 20 this year, passed a resolution to disqualify the club of its official members. “Lizhen” means that the letter did not clearly state the reasonable reasons for the board to disqualify “Lizhen” and the explanation was based on the chapter and section of the “Memorandum of Association” to disqualify its members.

“Li Zhen” means that, as a full member, you should have the right to be equal to other members, criticizing the board for dissolving membership in the club based only on the doubts and complaints of a particular member, but did not make a reasonable proposal. The reason and legal basis is that this action harms the rights and interests of the regular members of “Lizhen.”

“Li Zhen” also means that since its inception, it has worked tirelessly for more than ten years, actively participated in various competitions, and has repeatedly achieved great results; dedicated to the training of young players, the team grows in size and his contribution “Li Zhen” wanted to participate even more in volleyball matters, but was disqualified from official members without understanding it. “It’s really outrageous and unfortunate.”

In the cancellation of the board of the Hong Kong Volleyball Association of the official membership of “Li Zhen”, “Li Zhen” expressed strong opposition and will continue to complain about the incidents to the relevant agencies, requesting the board to explain the resolution to “Li Zhen” and the public clearly. Reasonable grounds and legal basis.

In addition to the Lizhen Volleyball Team, many organizations that were recognized as full members of the Association late last year, including the Yan Chai Volleyball Club, the Kwai Tsing Women’s Volleyball Club, ALPS Beach Volleyball Club and Tsing Long Volleyball Club all said they received notice of disqualification of official members.

“Stance News” is consulting with the Hong Kong Volleyball Association about the incident.

The Lizhen volleyball team was established as early as 2006. The team consisted primarily of school teams from several Yuen Long middle schools at the time. In the introduction of the social platform, “Li Zhen” refers to the fact that under the leadership of women’s coach Ye Fengyi, “Li Zhen” rose from Group C to Group A. in a few years. Although the average height of the players are slightly lower than that of other teams, but it is known for its solid defense and changing tactics and has a firm seat in the first class. The Lizhen volleyball team was informed by the Hong Kong Volleyball Association in December last year and was recognized as a full member of the General Association.

Host Stephy Tang previously participated in the ViuTV TV series “Men’s Volleyball and Women’s General”, played by men’s volleyball coach Jiang Jiayu, the prototype and team are Ye Fengyi and his main volleyball team Lizhen.

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