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Today, with the explosion of short video platforms, Vlog has been gradually entering the lives of the public and many dedicated computers and editing programs to shoot Vlog have also been born in the market. If you want to record Vlog, we are not talking about the operating threshold of these devices. Just looking at the price can convince many friends who want to start using Vlog. So in December 2020, Huawei released the Huawei Nova 8 series “I’m in My Hands” series mobile phones, which mainly include Vlog video shooting. Once released, they are very popular with young people.

On September 23, Huawei launched the sequel to the Huawei Huawei 9-series new mobile phones. This time, not only did they continue the powerful imaging capabilities and design aesthetics of the Nova series, but also the New Starren’s first Hongmeng image flagship. So how does it work?

Color 01/9 continues with the aesthetics of color

The front of Huawei new 9 Pro uses a 6.72-inch ring screen design, the edge uses high-precision glass grinding technology and the back is the ninth color of Xingyao technology + double hair · film and double coating. The weight of 186 g corresponds to the thickness of 7.97 mm. It makes the new Huawei 9 Pro hold up together and feel warm and delicate.

As for the overall look, what is most striking is the color matching. This year’s new Huawei 9 Pro continues the tradition of color matching from the new 7 series. This year’s number 9 color is based on blue, which will change with the changes in light and shade. Color, the perfect combination of Ambilight and Xingyao hyperboloid 3D craftsmanship creates a unique light and shadow color. It seems like a perfect collision between technology and trend, which also responds to the brand value proposition of the new “new fashion” mobile phone series.

On the screen, it can be said that the resolution of 2676 * 1236 plus the maximum support of 120 Hz adaptive high brush is the flagship settings and the screen color of Huawei nova9 Pro is up to 1.07 billion colors, in more than the wide color P3 global color management range, so this 6.72-inch screen can accurately restore the actual colors of each place. It is worth mentioning that by designing Huawei’s 10,000-level dimming algorithm, the new Huawei 9 Pro screen can intelligently adjust the optimal screen brightness under a different ambient light brightness, for such as to achieve a delicate visualization while effectively protecting the eyes, not irritated.

Huawei nova9 Pro inherits the genes that the new series has been continuously exploring in color aesthetics. The design of the ring screen and the color combination of the ninth color show that Huawei nova9 Pro is a product of technology and fashion.

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02 / Professional images can be very simple

Speaking of Huawei, it’s hard not to remember the “flagship image”. As a young and fashionable brand of Huawei, the new series has always wanted to be the flagship mobile phone that young people like best. Therefore, the new Huawei series is in terms of image performance. He has always been very strong.

This time, the Huawei nova9 Pro is equipped with two 32-megapixel front lenses. The back consists of an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 50-megapixel RYYB main camera, a 2-megapixel depth of field lens, and a 2-megapixel macro lens. Photo. The global lens module continues with the “Star Yaohuan” composite lens design of the new 8 series, with strong recognition.

Click to view the test first ▼ ▼ ▼

As for the main lens of the camera, the Huawei nova9 Pro uses the largest sensor in the new series to date, with a sensor area of ​​up to 1 / 1.56 inches, 50 million pixels and technology Huawei’s original RYYB color filter array to ensure excellent sensitivity At the same time, it also makes the photos show richer details.

The 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens uses the ultra-wide-angle anti-distortion algorithm to effectively reduce distortion pain points at the edge of the wide-angle image. Using spherical projection technology, image distortion is corrected in real time, which greatly reduces the degree of wide-angle distortion.

The night scene image has always been Huawei’s strong point. Under the grand opening of the Huawei nova9 Pro, the advantage is even more evident.

Huawei nova9 Pro has, of course, devoted a lot of effort to the self-portrait that young people desire. The front of Huawei nova9 Pro is equipped with two 32-megapixel ultra wide-angle lenses and a slow high-definition portrait and uses 1 / 2.8-inch photosensitive elements to ensure high-definition front-facing image quality.

Not only that, as a flagship product for Vlog video shooting, Huawei nova9 Pro adopts AIS + 3D anti-shake technology on the front. Through anti-shake AIS algorithms and anti-shake 3D portraits, it provides excellent stability to Vlog shooting.

3D AIS + 3D anti-agitation demonstration (authorized by Zhongguancun Online)

Overall, Huawei nova9 Pro is based on Huawei’s advanced imaging technology and has achieved exploration and innovation. It doesn’t seem to require more professional technology to take a good photo with Huawei nova9 Pro. It can be seen that, compared to Huawei’s other high-end image series, Huawei nova9 Pro has a more obvious advantage in the front portrait level, which also meets the needs of the young audience of Huawei’s new series.

03 / New Starren’s first Hongmeng Imaging flagship

A good horse with a good saddle. As the new flagship of Huawei’s new series, Huawei’s nova9 Pro is equipped with Huawei’s latest HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system. It is also based on HarmonyOS 2.0 that Huawei nova9 Pro can exert all its strength.

Among them, thanks to the distributed technological blessing of HarmonyOS 2, Huawei nova9 Pro will also provide the function of shooting with multiple cameras. By calling the lenses of various HarmonyOS devices, a wide range of recordings of wonderful moments can be achieved; used in professional film and television. The technical means of filming, with the blessing of HarmonyOS, have entered the creators and enthusiasts of filming, offering unlimited possibilities of video creation.

And, based on HarmonyOS 2.0, Huawei nova9 Pro can also use Huawei watches to take pictures remotely. This also leads to a variety of games. You can fix the Huawei nova9 Pro with a tripod, preview the camera screen through the clock, and remotely control the phone shutter. This type of game is not only suitable for individual photo and video recordings, but it can also control long exposure time and shoot night scenes.

It can be said that Huawei nova9 Pro + hardware, HarmonyOS 2.0 software, has really achieved 1 + 1> 2. As Hongmeng’s future ecology continues to develop and grow, Huawei nova9 Pro will also bring unlimited possibilities.

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04 / Optimization of AI planning + double heat dissipation, soft games refuse to freeze

Based on Huawei’s accumulated years of software, hardware and SoC technology, Huawei has boosted the Nova9 Pro’s Snapdragon 778G chip to its full potential. After Huawei’s GPU Turbo, Al’s smart programming and other technologies, Huawei nova9 Pro’s performance in the game is very striking.

We conducted two rounds of Glory of the Kings qualifying tests on Huawei nova9 Pro. Image quality and frame rate were adjusted to the highest level. Both rounds of the game ended and the test results are as follows. It can be seen that with the highest image quality, the frame rate of the game is basically kept at the level of 90 frames. It shows that it can be said that Huawei nova9 Pro can treat games like the glory of the king.

Speed ​​King Frame Speed ​​Test in both rounds (authorized by Zhongguancun Online)

It is worth noting that after more than 40 minutes of king glory, the temperature of Huawei nova9 Pro did not experience a significant increase. This is because Huawei nova9 Pro adopts a 360-degree surrounding liquid cooling architecture and is equipped with dual CV heat dissipation and a new generation of graphene materials. Heat is transferred by changing two phases of evaporation and condensation of the working fluid, ensuring that the heat dissipation level of Huawei nova9 Pro is strong.

The strong heat dissipation combined with the tuning of this Snapdragon 778G chip by Huawei fully guarantees the definitive pursuit of the gaming experience by the public.

05 / Super fast charge of one hundred watts, say goodbye to battery anxiety

Shooting videos, playing games and using vibrato are very severe tests for mobile phone batteries. For youngsters, just looking for bigger batteries and faster charging speeds. Can Huawei nova9 Pro withstand the challenge? We performed a 5 hour battery life test and the results are as follows.

It can be seen that after 5 hours of battery life testing, the remaining power of Huawei nova9 Pro is still 40%. It can be seen that the Huawei nova9 Pro is quite excellent in terms of endurance and has few problems to cope with normal day use. In addition, while the battery life is excellent, Huawei nova9 Pro is also equipped with a super fast 100 W charge, so we tested the charging speed.

After the actual tests, it only took 20 minutes to fill a Huawei nova9 Pro. This result can be maintained basically in the first step of fast charging of mobile phones. It is worth noting that, unlike the fast charging solution that divides the battery cells of the market, Huawei nova9 Pro is a fast charging solution that combines a three-pole battery of a core and an internal battery of several poles. Based on this technology, charging temperature, battery life and safety are guaranteed.

The fast charging solution that combines single-cell three-electrode batteries and internal multi-electrode batteries is not only a new exploration of Huawei’s two-way two-electrode fast charging technology, but also reflects Huawei’s persistence in the exploration and innovation.

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06 / Summary

As a sequel to this year’s Huawei nova series, Huawei nova9 Pro is endowed with unlimited possibilities under the blessing of HarmonyOS 2. The color recently inspired by number 9 adds a trendy and trendy vibe to Huawei nova9 Pro. The rear lens module under the design of “Xing Yaohuan” demonstrates the youthful personality. As a new fashion brand, Huawei nova9 Pro has continued the pursuit of innovative technology and sleek design of the previous generation. Building on the pain points of young people that are hard to start and share in the social age of image, Huawei nova9 Pro uses the first flagship Hongmeng imaging boat for young people to help young consumer groups open any leads to the socialization of the image.

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