Monday , September 27 2021

Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily, two official media outlets, called the Education Association “cancer”, saying Hong Kong should be eradicated 01

  1. The official media of Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily called the Educational Association “cancer”, saying it must be eradicated.Hong Kong 01
  2. Xinhua News Agency commented on the need to eradicate the Education Association and eradicate the source of education in Hong KongYahoo Hong Kong News
  3. The People’s Daily article noted that the Education Association has a purpose and organization to contribute to the anti-China chaos in Hong Kong-RTHKHong Kong Radio
  4. Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily published articles bombing the Education Association and reprimanding the Education Association for covering up “poison owners”, which must be eradicated | Position report Position newsPosition news
  5. People’s Daily: Hong Kong “Educational Association” Must Be Eradicated: Hong Kong-Hong Kong Wenhui NetworkHong Kong Wen Wei Po
  6. See the full report in Google News

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