Wednesday , October 27 2021

Zombie Shooting “Doomsday: Aftermath” on Steam for the first time in two years, with a new first-person perspective 4Gamers



The corpse tide shooting game “World War Z: Aftermath” developed by Saber Interactive ended its exclusive PC deal with Epic Games. The game was officially released on Steam on September 21st. The game contains the original All the content of “Doomsday: Annual” Edition “published by Epic Games.

According to official information, “Doomsday: Aftermath” has more than 15 million cross-platform players. This time, the Steam version will bring Horde Mode XL gameplay and a unique first-person perspective (originally the third).

The game contains eight exclusive professions: Gunner, Rebel, Hacker, Medical Soldier, Repairman, Destroyer, Drone Master and the newly incorporated pioneers. Each profession has its own skills and games.

However, on the first day of the game’s release on Steam, players in “Doomsday War: Aftermath” generally reported the issue of the team’s connection delays to the game. Even united private friends will have serious ping differences, plus it still doesn’t seem to support home host drivers.

, So the first game only received mixed reviews.

However, if you haven’t played it in 2019 or haven’t received Epic Games ’limited time Doomsday War for 2020, it’s still worth playing. He’s pretty good at both the scene and the professional design. The performance of the corpse tide in the game there is also a very large number that is rare in recent zombie shooting jobs.


“Doomsday: Aftermath” has been officially launched on the PC Steam platform, priced at 568 yuan, 1 yuan cheaper than the Epic Games platform.

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